Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google+ Lessons For Caffe...

Hello my Darling Friend... always delighted when you stop by to get your cup filled!  Come make yourself comfortable as I need you to have a relaxed environment so that way the ideas pop right into your pretty little head because you're in the land of Zen.

You never know what Caffe puts into your cup and today is no exception... Ummm, Caffe, what are you talking about?  EXACTLY!!  What am I talking about?  Confusion!  And I need to be unconfused, and I need your help.

It all began with a post somewhere in the BlogSphere that said there will be no more Google Friend Connect (GFC).  What?  No more pretty pictures of my Darlings & Dears on my sidebar?  How could this be?  I must investigate...

Okay Darling, let me explain to you my savvy ways with social media lingo and my understanding of how it all works and you decide how well my detective skills really are.  Google+?... ummm... I have to sign up? and learn more media stuff? so I can be hip and up to date so that it looks like I know what I'm doing as a blogger?  But doesn't wearing plum lipstick make me hip already?  Hmmmm...

What is this circle stuff and how do I even post my posts?  OHhhh... it's kinda sorta like Facebook!!  So inviting friends is the same as "friending" on FB except they don't have to be on Google+?  Oh, I'm SO confused!!... And I still haven't figured out if I can stream my posts in some sort of feed...

HELP!  My lipstick is muddled and I just don't understand why smart, computer literate,  tech people have to fix what's not broken!  I think changing things up is fun for them so they can giggle their fannies off while my lipstick gets more and more smudged!  Hmmmph!  

So that's what's in our cups today, Google+ with no GFC = Confusion for Caffe... BUT, I did find this... the GFC will only be discontinued with NON Blogger sites.  Oh, maybe that's not so bad after all and my confusion is only what I pour into my cup... 

What are your thought my Darling?  Please share and I'll share with you my favorite lipstick at the moment, because I don't know how to share my posts on Google+!!  lol  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta!


  1. Well considering it took me 6 HOURS to do the stupid button badge thing for my blog I honestly don't have the brain power to figure any of this stuff out! My suggestions have a cup of joe and reapply that pretty plum color and just breathe!

  2. I just joined google+ but have NO idea what in the world I am doing. :( I am trying to figure it all out. I make a 'circle' called blog to keep my friends /family in another...although still not sure if this will actually work...ugh.

  3. This is such a confusing mess they always have to go in and tinker with shit that is not broken. I "heard" this is only for people who are not on blogger? At this point I am so butt confused screw all of it......OK wusa...wusa....

  4. I was confused as well. I personally am not a fan of Goggle+, I don't need nor want another social media community to keep track of sooooo since I'm on blogger it really doesn't affect me so I will plug my ears and sing LALALALA;-)

  5. I'm equally confused. I haven't done a lot with Google+ as of yet. I figure when I'm ready to be patient and learn more about it, I will.

  6. I'm confused too, Caffe and I decided I'm not going to do a thing about it! I'm tired of it all. All I want to do is write my blog, so that is what I'm going to think about. Screw Google+ and Friend Connect!

  7. The news is that Google has shut down and is shutting many features due to lack of success with them. They are going to try and focus on a few key services instead of spreading themselves out. They will merge services into Google+ (but why they can't move your info for you, beats me!). All GFC will be gone, even from blogger sites, within about 6 months. (Some bloggers have already lost GFC.)

    I'd chalk it up to a bad economy and desperate companies trying to make changes to stay afloat. They just can't afford to support services which have not been profitable for them. Yes, a headache for all users!! : ( Maybe Google can go into the lipstick business, instead, and make more people happy again! : D

  8. Lol! Oh Caffe... I was just as confused as you are... and then I got frustrated and just deleted the damn thing! ;)

  9. Hello Wendy Darling,
    Yes, yes... reapply plum lipstick... xoxo

    MM my Dear,
    YOU and me both! Cups Up! xoxo

    My Darling Mommy B,
    Wusa, wusa? LOL xoxo

    Andrea Darling,
    Let me sing right along with ya, I mean it is that time of the year... FA LA LA LA LAAAAAA... xoxo

    My Dear Chelle,
    Do you think you'll ever be ready? HA! lol Blowing kisses... xoxo

    Hello my Dear Michael A,
    If you have the screwdriver, I've got the hammer! Sending my love... xoxo

    AOCM Darling,
    YOU'RE to good! Thanks for the clarification and yes, I could always use a new lipstick product! xoxo

    My Dear Ana,
    That's MY tact! lol Kisses... xoxo

  10. Hi,

    New reader here and just love your take on this :)

    Now why doesn't google consult with us first before making these changes that completely alter our blogging world as we know it?!

    You got me... I'm just a simple mommy trying to navigate this bloggy world!

  11. Consult us? IMommy Darling, I like the way you think! Thanks for stopping by... xoxo


Hello Darling,

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