Monday, November 7, 2011

Caffe's Thoughts On Blog Hops... Quite Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn!

Hello my Darling Friend... Always such a pleasure when you stop by!  I’ve got a fresh brew of, ‘Really?  64 less 2 and some that already follow, so minus... let’s just say 10!’ to fill your cup with...
Oh Caffe, what are you filling my cup up with this time?  Blog hop rules Darling!  They’re never followed and I don’t know why I even bother... Bad manners... No follows... and the time and effort to make some new friends and increase blog traffic just makes me want to call it quits and stick to something that makes me happy... buying a new shade of lipstick!
Thanks to Darling CC over at The Clumsy Coquette, I was featured last Friday on her blog hop... how wonderful and it ended my fickle relationship with hops... for about an hour... then the comments start to roll in... OH Joy... guests!  I just adore having company and filling their cups... “I’m your newest follower, hit me back on the GFC when you stop by”... Ummmm, not sure I like that kind of request.  Hit me back?  Yep, I’d like to hit you back!  What happened to pleasantries and the art of tact?  Hmmmph... some people forget all their manners when leaving a comment!
Then there’s the rule about Follow the Feature!!  Now let’s take a look at this particular rule my Dear and figure out the math... I started with 259 on the GFC and now I’m at 275... some of my newest followers didn’t even come from the hop... 
                                                              1 6
Really?  16?  16 out of 64 less 2 and some that already follow, so minus... let’s just say 10... you know, the brew I’m serving... the number I got... 52!!  52 that linked up to this hop that did not follow the rules!  WOW!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... “These darn blog hops... they’re such a heartbreak!”
So with that being said, I’m breaking up with blog hops for good... shed no tears for me my Dear Friend as I am Caffe and I’d much prefer to spend my time with those that I already love to flirt with... of course, I’m talking about, YOU!
Oh looky, my cup is empty but quite honestly, I’m ready to brew a new pot of something else... Come back again my Darling, as you always put a smile on my pretty little pucker.  Ta Ta!


  1. How very true!! I always wonder if it is worth the time!

  2. I did it ONCE. soooooo not worth it. Nobody cares about you, they only care about themselves. so let's stick with what we're good at: blogging about ourselves.

    i followed a bunch, then after awhile I said to myself "Self, I don't enjoy reading 98% of these blogs" ipso facto, I stopped following. It's cleansing really. I only want people following me who are enjoying me. which may be why my numbers are so small.

    Stick to what you're good at dahling.... writing and being fabulous!

  3. Well put! I agree and disagree-there are some followers that I've gained through hops that really and truly do comment and read. However, not sure what the percentage are that just jump on the follow train...

  4. cups up my OC hotness. I have been doing them but the one thing I know most of he peeps I have followed recently have not returned the favor. I try every time to leave a nice thoughtful comment The other day I got a follow me back because I am following you....Exxxcelllennnnt

  5. I'm so bad with bloghops!!! Although i did finally do Northwest Mommy's Monday listicles today. took me all day though to come up with the writing for it.

  6. Couldn't agree more. Thank you for your honesty, Caffe. I have participated lately but I only follow blogs that I truly WANT to follow. I'd rather have low numbers and people who genuinely want to be reading my blog, than high numbers of people who never visit.

    Plus, we have to ask the question, "Who am I blogging for?" Are we only blogging for other bloggers? Don't we want more of the general public too? Word-of-mouth is the best advertisement of all. I love when someone tells me they found my blog because a friend told them about it!

  7. Hello my Dears Kimba88 and Summer,
    I'm so delighted that you both find truth in my views! Cups Up my Darlings! xoxo

    Lisa Darling,
    I think I'll try your 'cleansing' routine! Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

    You know Jennifer Darling,
    I HAVE met some wonderful friends through hops, not very many though... but I guess it's just like the real world we live in day to day. True friends really are hard to come by, so I'm extremely grateful for the Darling friends I have made in the online world, to which YOU are one of them! xoxo

    My Dear MB MILF,
    You crack me up Darling and I KNOW I found you through a hop... Blowing kisses my bloggy friend! xoxo

    Hello my "Raw and Real" Darling,
    You and hops? lol Yes, I DID see your naughty girl high school antics... lol
    And look at you now! A fantastic homeschool mommy wearing a red cape and LOTS of black eye liner! xoxo

    My Dear Michael A,
    Thanks for the reminder! Cups Up to you my Darling... xoxo

  8. I agree, blog hops can be quite frustrating. And when I do get comments that are very generic and un-lovely I will purposely not follow them, call me a rebel;-) You keep being fabulous you!!!! XXOOXXOO

  9. I have to confess, the only Hops I'm familiar with are the ones found in Beer.
    : )

  10. COCM, You took the words right out of my mouth, luckily I had a full cup to replace them from!!

    When I first started blogging, I googled and joined and hopped and commented and linked and OH MY GOODNESS, it was EXHAUSTING. For my troubles, I got maybe 5 followers who have never revisited my blog as near as I can tell.

    I have had better luck with BlogFrog (where I thankfully found you and your very entertaining bloggy self!) than anything else, and even that has had limited results, because most will follow you on there and forget to follow your actual blog.

    I decided that the most important thing was to say what I want to say and if someone finds it interesting enough to follow, great! If they don't, well that's OK too! I follow quite a few blogs, but most of the original blog hop ones eventually got weeded out.

    Keep up the good entertainment and thanks for keeping the cup filled! XXX

  11. Just know you do have some loyal readers who adore you no matter your number of followers.

  12. I think you should send those 52 rule breakers a link to this post! :)

    When I first started I did blog hops then stopped, mostly because I didn't like the comments I got. Most people had zero desire to read anything I wrote. And I didn't want to follow all the coupon sites back.

    That being said, I may start up again.

  13. You Darlings are most FAB!!

    Hops and beer? Gotta love that reply! lol

    MC Darling,
    I'll keep pouring if you keep coming back for more... Blowing kisses... xoxo

    My Dears Andrea and VV,
    Hugs and kisses your way... xoxo

    That is such a GOOD idea GG Darling! Put the link on their blogs! lol
    Start up again? You crack me up! xoxo

  14. I'm pretty sad to hear this! I thought blog hops sounded like a good idea since I'm always looking for funny and witty blogs to read, AND I don't have any people reading my blog that aren't related by blood...I don't even understand what a follower truly is. Is it somebody that just reads your blog? Or is it somebody that has subscribed to your blog or something? If being a follower is something more than just reading a blog consistently, then I don't even know if I have the ability to gain followers on my blog. Maybe I should just stay out of blog hops until I graduate Blogging Preschool.


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