Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Top 25 and Caffe Takes the #1 Position!

Well Helloooo Darling!  Have you heard?  The FABulous news of course!  The polls were closed yesterday... pheeeew!... 3 long weeks of voting for the Top 25 SoCal Mom Blogs Contest, and with your help my Dear...  Caffeinated OC Mommy took the #1 spot out of 67 blogs!  YIPPEE!!

So guess what that means??  I'm going on a lipstick shopping spree to celebrate this fun little victory!  But you knew that... I am a lipstick fiend after all and any excuse to buy a new tube of color for my pretty little pucker... pinks, berry, red, mauves, shimmers, gloss, stains... Aaaaaaaaccckk!  I gotta go Darling!  I've got to head to the nearest lipstick counter!  Thanks again for voting... let yourself out my Dear... lipsticks are calling me...  Blowing kisses!  xxxx  


  1. Atta girl! I am super excited for you and thrilled that I got to have the chance to vote for ya. Over and over!

    Mucho luv my dear!

    1. Over and over? Oooh, kinda like how I like to go to the lipstick counter! Thank you for voting my Dear Dear Friend! xoxo

  2. A well deserved win-- Congrats to Caffe!! : )

  3. congratulations. My beauty spoils would be nail polish. 30-50 of them. A new color all the time!

  4. You deserve it, congratulations!!

  5. Hooray! Congrats Caffe! Xoxo :)

  6. Wooo Hooo! Congratulations!! How many lipsticks did you end up buying?

  7. Congrats, Caff! You are of course, fabulous! Well deserved award!


Hello Darling,

Have you seen the latest collection of lipstick colors?? Oooooh, I can't help myself! Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

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