Monday, April 2, 2012

What Do You Wanna Know Darling? An Interview...

Well Hello my Dear Friend... I’m so delighted that you’ve stopped by for a visit!  I’ve got a fresh brew ready to fill your cup...
I got a tweet the other day from my Darling Friend Gina who is the funny lady behind, Full Of It.  She said she had something for me and I immediately began thinking about what color my new shade of lipstick that my Dear Gina got for me.  To my surprise, it was one of those tag interviews that I usually avoid like the plague... BUT, I said I would do it and now I’m mulling over my computer wondering why I said yes if I can get away without doing it at all.
Now, now, now Caffe... that’s not how a lady behaves!  Who said anything about being a lady??  I’m a MILF!  Alright, alright... I’ll answer the questions.  Huh?  Oh yeah, there’s rules and other mumble jumble and I’m supposed to tag other bloggers and blah, blah, blah... sheesh, what got in my cup today?
Whatever you do, please Darling, please visit my Dear friend Gina and let her know I sent you.  Pretend like you read an interview about me and she’ll never know the difference!  What?  Pulling teeth?  Hmmmph...
Here is how it works:
1) Post the rules.
2) Tag up to eleven 5 bloggers by posting links to their blogs, and let them know.
3) Create eleven 7 (it's lucky!) questions for the people you’ve tagged.
4) Answer the questions your tagger posed for you.
5)Have fun!

As you can see from my edits above, I've changed the rules... just a little bit... so here are the 5 bloggers I would love to know more about... regardless if they play along, please stop by their blogs and let them know that Caffe sent ya!

The Girlfriend Mom 
So Easy Being Green  
Coffee & Cabernet  
Living Aloha  
Home is Where You Start From

1.  Do you post as often as you would like, and if not, why not?
No, I don't Darling... we all know the story when there are kids around and the interruption rate in my household is every 30 seconds... so I can't always post when I want to... then there's looking for unleaded lipstick...

2.  What is your favorite go-to blog and why?
I have several, actually, I have way more than that my Dear.  I've met so many FABulous Mommys in the BlogSphere that have become my Darling Friends. I don't dare write just one  favorite, as each blog is as unique as the FABulous writer behind it.

3.  If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would you go? 
Home... I want to go back to my little grass shack...

4.  What gave you the impetus to start blogging?
Well Darling, I'm actually not new to blogging.  {{GASP!}}  You see my Dear, I'm actually pretty good at more than just lipsticks... and the mystery continues...

5.  Pinterest - yes or no?
Maybe?  I mean, I'm a yes until Pinterest came out with their new TOS... 

6.   What is your favorite holiday and why?
Any holiday is my favorite holiday if I get to buy a new lipstick to celebrate with!

7.   I'm in the midst of buying and selling a home and am obsessed with de-cluttering.  What's your latest obsession?
Do I really have to answer that?  lol

8.  What do you fear the most?
I'm fearless Darling...

9.  I'm stuck on dinner ideas.  What's your easiest meal that you make for your family that they devour almost every time?
One child with braces (eating has become hard), and the other decided on becoming a vegetarian (really?), the Hubby is allergic to cheese... HELP!!

 10.  Twilight?  I can't get in to that phenomenon.  What latest fad are you avoiding?
Bushy 80's eyebrows... I don't think so!

11.  Any big plans for the upcoming year that you care to share?
Okay, I'll fess up, but keep it on the DL okay Darling?  I'm thinking about a big reveal post... oooh, a big reveal?  I wonder what it could be!  lol
 So there you have it... a 2 minute interview starring the FABulous me... Cups Up!  Until next time my Dear FABulous Friend... Ta Ta! 


  1. Your blog is one of the first I discovered when I first started doing blog hops, and you are still one of my favs. Loved the interview!

    1. Awww Darling... you're my favorite blog that I don't mind if my lipstick gets smudged! xoxo

  2. Thank you for the honor but mainly thank you for editing the rules! Finally, someone with balls... in a good way. xo

    1. My Darling Dani, you're too darn cute! I didn't even get a chance to make the 7 questions for you... lol... because you KNOW question #1 would be, "What is your favorite shade of lipstick?" xoxo

  3. Why thank you! And yes, I AM still curious...

  4. You Caffe darling are one of my top favorites. I love your blog and I totally think I might be in love with Cups up my lovely......

  5. I'm so glad you decided to do the interview because that was FUN to read!!

    1. Hello AOCM my Darling, so glad you liked that... Cups Up! xoxo

  6. Read the whole thing--DO THE REVEAL! I have no patience!! I love good news (I'm making an assumption here...)

  7. Love your responses! xxooxxoo

  8. Bushy 80's eyebrows?! I'm laughing so hard my sides are splitting :)


  9. loved reading more about you! Thank you for tagging me, I am honored. Okay, I will try to do this, I'm starting to think I might have A.D.D. or something...I'll give posting this a go...

    I'll check back for the big reveal ;)

  10. Are bushy eyebrows a new thing? Yikes!

  11. Bushy 80s eyebrows! ha! -snicker- Oh wait.....I need to pluck.


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