Monday, March 12, 2012

Sexy and the BIG Deck

Well Hello Hello my Dear Friend... I SOoo adore when you come to see me!  I’ve got a FABulous blend of, ‘Flirting in the Backyard’ with a hint of, ‘Staying Married in the OC’ to fill your cup with...
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here and I can’t keep myself away from the paradise known as my backyard.  The Hubby has built a wonderful oasis where the birds practice their songs, the butterflies and bees are kept busy around the colorful new blooms, and the children have cannonball contests to see who has the bigger splash.  
There is one very noticeable item in the yard and I’m constantly having this conversation with the Hubby...
Have you seen my deck?
Your deck?
It’s pretty big, huh?
Oh yes Darling, absolutely!
I’d say it’s the biggest deck around here.
Darling, your deck is HUGE!
You think so?
I know so.
Why thank you.
My pleasure!
And that my Dear Friend is one of many playful conversations that keeps our marriage fun and sexy.  When was the last time you flirted with your loved one?  Has it been awhile?  Good thing I reminded you... Stick with me Darling, you’ll soon discover that not only am I an excellent Mommy, but a HOT Wifey as well.
My cup is empty, but I don’t think I need a refill as I’m feeling a bit giddy after thinking about  my Hubby’s big deck... until we meet again my Darling Friend... Ta Ta!


  1. Bahahahahahah! You're so lucky to have a hubby with such a big deck! I love my hubby so much, but he has no deck at all. :( (What does that even mean?!?! I went too far!!)

  2. OMG! That is funny! I just had a baby, so I haven't seen my husband's deck in weeks!

  3. Wow, that is one big deck alright! Bigger then my husbands deck;-)

  4. Okay, first of all, crazedinthekitchen's remark freaked me out. If you have any insight into that, please share.
    And yes, this topic is HUGE in our LARGE house as well. Neither one of us can say, "It was so big, or it's big, large, grand, without the next line being, "... just like my... "

  5. My hubbies deck is perfect and pretty....ooops little too much?

  6. O-M-G! That is hysterical and perfect! I freaking love it!!!

    BTW...thanks for checking in on me last week. Really...I appreciate it so much. I'm so grateful for another fun blogging friend like you :)


  7. I love, love, love this!!!!! You keep me laughing!

  8. Okay, that did it... YOU Darlings are officially Bad Gurlz!!! xoxo

  9. My, darling, don't you have a wonderful innuendo flavored mind! :-) You've made my recommended reads list for the second time in two weeks. Fantastically amusing prose.


    1. Oooh! 2xs in 2 weeks?? I must really tickle your fancy my Dear Grace. lol Many thanks for sending your readers my way... xoxo


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