Friday, November 4, 2011

The Fish Ate My Votes!

Hello my Dear Friend... I’ve got a mystery to solve and I need your help!  Come let me fill your cup with a fresh brew of, ‘But I had 17 votes, how did it get down to 4?
Not that moi has ever cared what place I’m in when it comes to these Mommy Blog directories, I’m tops no matter where I am... but I do visit every so often to make sure I’m still listed and of course give myself a little boost of confidence by voting... if I want more confidence, maybe I should just change my shade of lipstick instead! 
It also reminds me to visit some Darling bloggers that are on the directory and vote for them as well, because I’m that type of Mommy and I like to help out my fellow bloggers whenever I have a chance.
Lately, I’ve been visiting Top Mommy Blogs through my ‘vote for me’ button on the right, and I think that every-time I do, the alarms and sirens go off at Top Mommy Blogs with a blaring, high pitched, revolving lights, mayhem ... WARNING... WARNING... WARNING! CAFFEINATED OC MOMMY IS VOTING FOR HERSELF AGAIN! 
What?  Moi?  Of course I’m voting for myself Darling, don’t we all?  But it still hasn’t answered the question... Where are my 17 votes and how come the numbers are dropping instead of rising?  Something fishy is going on and I’m not sitting at a sushi bar... Hmmph!  It makes my lipstick smudge in all the wrong places! 
I just have to laugh Darling, the top blogs have ((hundreds)) of votes to their credit and I’m whimpering about a silly 17 votes!  LOL  Okay, now that I put that into perspective I think I’ll go to the... What?  Now it’s down to 3 votes!  Yep, the fish smell is getting stronger than this brew in my cup!
Have a wonderful weekend my Dear, and if you feel like putting the magnifying glass on the Top Mommy site... the vote button is over there ------------------------------------------------------------>
Until next time my Darling... Ta Ta! 

UPDATE... Ummm, yep, well Darling, I think I just deleted the stupid button, not sure how to get it back.  Oh well, I think I'll just go fill my cup with more coffee...
Oh goodie Darling, with your help I'm back up to 13 votes!  But seriously, it IS just a directory listing!  lol


  1. you always have my vote caffe! =)

  2. Lol! I vote for myself on picketfenceblogs. I don't see a problem with that. You have to be your own #1 fan.

  3. Hmmm. So I clicked on your button in the right-hand column. It brought me to the home page of
    I didn't see your blog on that page so I typed "caffeinated" in the search bar and hit enter. That didn't bring up your blog either.
    Maybe my browser is incompatible or something?
    I dunno. Can you link that button directly to your listing?

  4. I'll vote for your lipstick awesomeness!

  5. So glad I found and I, we got A LOT in common! I love your style of telling it how it is and I'm envious, I have no guts or

  6. I voted for you... if it counts. Maybe it's like a golf score, lower is better? Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Having the same problem as I'm Jennifer. Do you happen to know what # you are and we can try to find you that way?

  8. You Darlings are FABULOUS!!! So I was trying to figure out the button thingy and... OOoops! It got deleted! I'll put it back eventually, but just clicking on it gives me a vote... so they say... whoever THAT is... Love you Darlings, blowing kisses to each and every one of you... xoxo

  9. To all:
    If you look under the Humor section of the Top Mommy Blogs website (you can even google it and find it easily), you will find Ms. Fab Lipstick on the list there around #34... though she should be even higher ranked, IMHO. : )

  10. ...and, YES, I find it fishy that you lost votes. You can't loose votes unless there is a computer glitch or something. Your votes are somewhere in the internet ether... we must replace them! : )

  11. AOCM Darling... YOU are FABULOUS!!! xoxo

  12. Yep. There you are. You're #25 under the humor category and you currently have 11 votes. WTH? Anyhoo, rated you another 10. Hopefully they get your votes back soon.

  13. Hi thanks for the follow! Following you back!



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