Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And the Winners Are...

Hello hello my FABulous Friend... I’m so happy that you’re here!  You told me to be here Caffe, I picked a number, do I win?  OH, YES... that’s right!  The lipstick giveaway!  Oooh how fun and let me tell ya the number I picked.... well, let me tell you the story of picking the number so you’ll know why I changed the rules, I mean... not changing the rules, but sort of...
My very first thought when picking a number was... drumroll please.... 69... but I knew there were gonna be a few of my naughty Darlings that would think that I would choose that particular number, hmmph, I wonder why?  HA! ... so I wrote down 68.  Then sure enough, two of my lovely darlings picked 69 and nobody picked 68, so my first thought and what I wrote down were different on purpose but as I thought about it, really, I asked you to read my mind and I thought 69... so 69 & 68 are both winning numbers to me!
So Congrats to those naughtys and I did say 3 lipsticks, so I’m giving away 4 instead because of the earlier rules I wrote and I’m fair like that, I’m a good cup!  lol  Here’s the list of the winners...
Georgie- 69
Above the winning number- Sharon- 97
Below the winning number- Anonymous- 64
Runner Up for below the winning number, because really Darling, how am I supposes to contact Anonymous?  Could be anyone...
So there you have it my Darling, lipsticks for the Naughtys... I’ll send out my favorite lipsticks (of the moment, because you know me Darling, I can never have enough...) by the end of the week, and you betcha, they’ll be unleaded and FABulous!
Thank you so much for celebrating my One Year with me Darling, I had so much fun, I think I want to do this again!  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta! 


  1. You can never send lipstick to Arizona, it would just melt all sad and pathetic in my mailbox.

  2. Booo I didnt win.. but Yayyy for fun contests!!! xoxo =)

  3. Yahoo! I won the high #. Remember to kiss the kleenex!

  4. Gah!!! I go away for a week and I miss a lipstick drawing?????Ok OK I promise never to go away again!

  5. Hi,
    My name is Renee. I am new here. I am just now putting myself into the blog directory. I wondered if there could be a category for "writers"?. While I often write about death, dying and cancer....I also write lots of stories and humorous poetry.
    I am trying to remember how to post to my blog. My memory was fried when I had chemo. I have made 11 posts so far, yet I have forgotten how I did it. Grrrr.
    Thank you. I am joining you her, linky, blog frog....everywhere! Check out my blog at I hope you will like it.

  6. Wow, this blog frog is nice. I just signed up so I could follow you there too. Pretty cool. I also happen to like frogs. They are welcome to hop in my nest anytime.


Hello Darling,

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