Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No More Awards... Lipstick Please!

Well Hellooooo my Darling Friend... I absolutely adore when you stop by for a visit!  Come on in, and let me fill your cup with a fresh blend of, ‘More awards Caffe?
Oh Darling... With each award I receive, I keep hinting to everyone that I’d much prefer a new tube of lipstick instead... it hasn’t happened yet.  lol!  Awards are quite an achievement in the BlogSphere and I feel so honored when another blogger recognizes how absolutely fabulous I am!  
The Tell Me About Yourself Award, has been presented to me from my Dear Friend Melissa over at, Glimpses of the Good Life.  I think she does more than take a glimpse, as she takes beautiful pictures to treasure those brief moments forever.  Beautiful pictures?  I know of a beautiful picture... the lipstick aisle in Target!  Oh Caffe, your going on a lipstick tangent again!  OH, Ooopsie!  Okay, where was I?
Oh, that’s right Darling, rules... Now, there are rules about accepting these awards and I must apologize in advanced as I never seem to be able to follow them! 

Here are the “official” rules...
  1. I must tell 7 things about myself
  2. I must pass it on to 15 other bloggers  
I’ve been very naughty with my past awards and quite stingy with passing it on... so Darling, without further ado, I’ll tell you a few tidbits about myself and pass this award on so others will know that they’re appreciated too...
  1. I was a flight attendant before I was married.  That must be where I got my lipstick obsession from as after each meal, they would march us to the restrooms to reapply lipstick!  Can you believe that Darling?  Lipstick was part of our training! 
  2. I am the cause of, hmmm... about 7 barroom brawls.  I didn’t do it on purpose my Dear... I promise!  I couldn’t help it if the boyz were behaving like boyz!
  3. I have been in a mosh pit at a Penny Wise concert... what was I thinking?!
  4. I chipped my front right tooth surfing on waves waaay to big for me in Waikiki using my Dad’s battleship of a surfboard... another bright idea from a very confident Caffe that surfed... mmmm... once!
  5. One snowy season, I rescued a handful of lost beginning skiers that were on the black diamond trail and couldn’t find a safe way down the mountain where I taught kids how to ski.  Yes Darling, I was a ski instructor and a very cute one at that!
  6. I’ve been swaying my hips back and forth once a week for the past 5 years doing hula.  I just adore dancing to the rhythm of music that reminds me of the islands!  My imagination always takes me to a sunny place in the sand, sipping a mai tai... ahhhhhhh...
  7. And my 7th tidbit... I knew from the first time I looked into my Hubby’s bright, blue eyes, he was the love of my life... then I made him marry me right away my stunning beauty and charming personality captured his heart as well, and he couldn’t wait to marry me!  
So there you have it... a nice blend that I would drink again and again!  OH, I mustn’t forget... 15 fabulous bloggers... In no particular order as they are ALL delicious...

Home C.E.O

Oh my goodness!  After all of this hard work, I need a full day spa treatment!  Until next time my Dear... Ta Ta!  xoxo


  1. oh how fun, Caffe! Give me a bit and I'll get mine up, though I might fall down on finding 15 bloggers...I get a few out...

    I loved learning more about you!!

  2. you are absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the award...although I too am a hag when it comes to following the rules, I will try though!! thanks again!

  3. Why thank you my fabulous bloggy friend! I will get crackin' on it, it may be tomorrow when I get it posted:-)

  4. Super Star darling you sexy mama thank you so much for the award. I must say I suck suck at following the rules but i will try my hardest to get this done this week. Grazie Grazie Bella

  5. Oh my! Thank you so much Caffe! Rules shmules... We make our own, right? ;)

  6. Thank you thank you! Now I have something to blog about tomorrow!

  7. You are TOO nice! Thank you so much! I will pass it along! And here's wishing you a shiny new lipstick for your generosity!!!

  8. That was so fun to read those interesting tidbits about yourself!

    But you left something important out-- I know you love all colors and kinds of lipsticks, but surely you have a favorite color tendency and favorite brand or type of lipstick. Do tell!!

  9. Thank you, Caffe! I had no idea you loved to hula! That sounds like FUN! Can you hula while holding a cuppa? I bet you can! Thanks again!

  10. Lol...omg. I've been in the mosh pitt of a Pennywise concert too!!!

  11. Caffe, you are one wild woman!! Such great stories! Congratulations and also thank you for passing the award along to The Big Green Bowl!!! My my, I am so honored. So kind of you to think of me!

  12. Oh my dear Caffe, thank you! Now I know more about why I love you...not just your writing that makes me gigggle and our symbiotic relationship with caffeine, but mosh pits, brawls, lipstick and skiing...I guess I'll have to learn to hula to even the score. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  13. Love you ALL my Darlings! xoxo

    My Dear AOCM, my favorite lipstick??? That's like asking Santa who his favorite reindeer is... lol xoxo

    Ana Darling, YOU were the one smashing my toes! xoxo

    Jill & Jennifer Darlings, there's nothing I can't do while sashaying my hips... you should try it... xoxo

  14. Quite an exciting life you've lived thus far! Congrats on the sooooper jazzy award! :)

  15. Ah, shucks! I am so proud! Thanks for giving me such a neat award. Be watching in the next few days for a posting. Right now I am getting ready for a show tomorrow and have had a BRIGHT idea to do something totally different then what I planned. What the hell was I thinking! OH well! I must dash!

  16. You were a flight attendant, surfer and ski instructor?

    Wow. You're seriously the coolest chick I've ever met.

    Thank you for the award! I'm honored!


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