Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who's Real?

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I'm baaack! How do I look? I colored my hair, put on my brightest lipstick and my shoes even match my eyeshadow! I also snuck out for a quick errand to get some botox injections. You likeeeey?

That unfortunately, is the image that is painted by the media, the housewives who portray these type of women, and all those TV shows about the women of OC.

We have gorgeous faces, well manicured toe nails, tanned & toned bodies, fancy cars, Nannies raising our kids, and of course, NO BRAINS! That IS what you think, isn't it? The women of OC are beautiful on the outside and brainless on the inside. Well you know it's true... the Real Housewives of Orange County prove it with each episode that gets aired.

It really does suck that a few females in all of Orange County can mess up our whole image of who we really are as women! Now that I think about it, ALL those housewife shows make women look stupid. Nice job Real Housewives... thanks for being such a positive role model for the young girls of today who might one day want to be like you; manipulative, shallow, and just plain screwed up!

Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Stanton (use what little bit of fluff you have in your heads Housewives, and look in your history books) fought so hard for the right's of women and to have these silly, SILLY housewives make such a mockery out of the work that these great women accomplished, for US, is completely disrespectful and downright ignorant. Women complain about not being treated fairly, well no wonder when there are shows like the housewives that air out all their stupidity on national television.

Women need to, have to, empower each other. How else are we going to help the next generation of women to succeed in a world that is mostly ruled by a Boy's Club? Of course the men act like boys when women like the housewives act like little girls that behave with no responsibilities and make such foolish choices! So with this in mind, I must lift my double mocha cup high in the air to those women in Orange County and across the nation who are truly genuine; who are guiding their families, raising their children, and who are making a positive difference in their communities. Keep doing what you do, for you are the REAL Housewives, whether your eyeshadow matches your shoes or not!

Okay, I'm done with this post. I'm so happy that you were able to stop by and chat with me about things that are important. It just needs to be said. Come back again, and I'll pour you a nice fresh cup of strong controversy the next time you're here. Ta Ta for now!


  1. I could not agree with you more on this! (And my breasts are real, thank you very much, Real Housewives show.) I don't think you can get more artificially human than the women on those shows. I'd call them A.I.s except the "Intelligence" part doesn't fit... just the "Artificial" part. How about Artificial Idiots? Perhaps that's mean, but as an OC woman I think it's mean that producers take advantage of strange women and their strange families in this manner and then label them as representative with the county in which they live. It's absurd.

  2. Artificial Idiots! LOL I LOVE it! Thank you for your insight AOCM. YOU are a genuine smart Mom!


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