Friday, September 30, 2011

Blowing You Kisses My Darling...

Hello my Dear, Dear Friend... I’m SO happy that you’re here and I have a nice pot of ‘You’re Wonderful’ to fill your cup.

I must admit Darling, this blogging thing has thrown me for a loop.  I never knew there existed a world filled with a never ending supply of emotions, creativity, support and friendships outside of my own physical ‘reality’ world.  When I started this blog many, many days ago... lol, okay months... I had no idea that I would meet sooo many fabulous people!  And YOU my Dear Friend, are tops on my list! 
So from the bottom of my cup (and my favorite lipstick tube)... THANK YOU for your continuous friendship and for letting me be a part of your day!  Have a fantastic weekend my Darling... Cups Up!  xoxo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cups Up! Quote of the Week...

"I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on my phone?"  Sharon Stone

Oh my, touch up lipstick? or drive safely... hmmm...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Check Engine? I’d Rather Check My Lipstick!

Hello Darling... Love when you stop by for a chat!  Come make yourself comfortable as this is a very full pot of ‘Huh? Fix my Car... You Mean Now?’ to fill your cup...
Oh, the joys of being a Mommy with a never ending schedule, always rushing out the door to get to the next activity with a full cup of caffeine in one hand, a soccer ball, my laptop, purse, car keys, Littlest’s sweatshirt, the bag of tricks (kleenex, water bottle, snacks... and of course at least 1 lipstick!) all in the other hand, I should say, “arm,” actually my shoulder is involved too... I really don’t know how I fit through the garage door!
You know what I’m talking about Darling... we all do it!  I’m lucky if I’ve managed to round up the kids and we make it into the car all at the same time without one sibling shouting across the driveway... 


I’m sure the whole neighborhood is absolutely delighted in knowing our daily schedule, thank you Littlest for helping out.

This is a typical day for me, just different times and different places.  My car is important.  I should take care of it as it takes care of me and my family and gets us safely to the place that we need to be.  
Ummm, what’s that light?  No not that one... that one!  Uhhh, it says “CHECK ENGINE”...  Hmmm, I suppose I could look at it.  Mmmm, let’s see...okay, I looked at the light message in my dashboard and yep, it definitely says, “CHECK ENGINE”.  Let’s see what it does if I drive a little further... I’m sure it doesn’t really mean anything... OH look!  “CHECK ENGINE” went away!  Must have been that bump I drove over that jiggled the little mechanism to turn the light off.  Problem solved!
The next day as I was driving around taking the kids to their next activity, all signs of “CHECK ENGINE” has magically disappeared... out of sight, out of mind... “CHECK ENGINE!!”  ‘What?  Are you talking to me?’  “CHECK ENGINE!!”  Oh shoots, I’d better inform The Hubby that this light is on and starting to get a little bit snippy with me!
“Caffe, if the light comes on, it means you need to take the car to the dealership.”
Take the car to the dealership?  Moi?  I don’t have time to go to the dealership... I have things to do!  Oh, alright, I’ll take the car in as soon as I can.’
The next day... ummm, I kind of forgot about the “CHECK ENGINE” warning as the light was not on... If the light isn’t on, doesn’t that mean that it’s automatically fixed?  I mean it’s a Benzo for goodness sakes!  Aren’t these cars supposed to have like an automatic fixer system thingy that checks all the electric something and something?  Sheeesh...
Ummm... Hubby?  Another light came on...
My cup is empty... my car is broken... and The Hubby spoils me rotten as he took time out of his day to take my car to the dealership and get me a loner... all without skipping a beat or smudging my lipstick... He’s my Hero!!! 
Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Dos & Don'ts of the Back To School Mommy

Hello my Darling Friend... I’m always so delighted when you stop by!  Let me fill your cup with a fresh blend of, ‘Mommys Who Should Freshen Up on their Back to School Manners!’
My oh my, can you believe how fast the summer season went by?  Next thing you know, there’ll be ghosts and goblins running through the neighborhood and then the shopping season begins... Oh, how I just adore the shopping season... colorful new lipsticks, shiny new lipsticks, bright new lipsticks... huh?  OH, I mean, of course Darling, shopping for others is what I meant... **ahem** 
See how I get?  Mention the word ‘lipstick’ and I fall apart at the seams and can’t control my compulsive behavior to stay on topic!  Now where were we?  Oh yes... the end of summer, back to school and all that goes with... including outrageous Mommy manners!  Sounds like it’s time for more Mommy Lessons.  Do I have a Dos & Don’ts list for back to school behavior?  You betcha... let’s get started...
DO greet other Mommys when bringing your kids to school or extra curricular activities with a friendly ‘hello’ regardless if you know them or not.  It’s polite.  They don’t need to be your BFF or meet you for weekly pedi appointments, but you will see these same Mommys throughout the year and having a friendly way about you sets a wonderful example for your own children and for others to follow suit.
If you’re not new to the school, welcome those that are new... DON’T make new Mommys feel unwelcome by saying such nonsense as, “Oh, I didn’t know I would see you here.  They must have redistricted your neighborhood.”  Catty, catty... tssk, tssk!
DO follow the rules when dropping your kids off at school or other outside activities.  Usually there are crossing guards to help guide you and I know there are many signs and painted arrows that direct you to your destination.
DON’T drive to the front of the line when it’s not your turn and then proceed to block all traffic and endanger those kids that are trying to cross safely but now your entire vehicle has dominated the driveway.  tssk, tssk, tssk  I’m sure that car will have a fabulous new ‘key’ design on their door by the time the school year is over.
DO wear appropriate Mommy clothing that doesn’t distract others when you bend over to kiss your child goodbye.  Let’s save that look for a hot date night with the Hubby instead... sound good?
DON’T judge other Mommys’ AM attire as not everyone is a morning person and can look like they walked off the pages of a Nordstrom’s catalogue.  Even moi has morning challenges, though you would never know it of course!  Coffee stains down the front of a blouse, a forgotten pajama bottom as trousers or mismatched shoes can be quite endearing and remind us all that we’re only human and we do make mistakes.  It's okay... even if our shirt is inside out.
Well Darling, the pot is empty and I must get myself organized for the school year... I’ll start with buying a few new lipsticks to add to my morning routine, oooh, some new powder too.  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7, 8, 9...

Hello my Dear Friend... as always, I’m SO delighted that you are here!  I’ve got a very confusing pot of ‘Where the heck is size 9?’ to fill your cup.  
Shopping with Littlest in tow, somehow we’ve managed to ignore our ‘to get’ list (again) and found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the pink and purple paradise also known as... in my very loud and proclaiming thoughts, ‘Caffe, control yourself... we really don’t need another pair of denim shorts or a green polkadot t-shirt with the words, Gurlz Rule, Boyz Drool! on the front because you have enough laundry to do already without adding more!’  Pheeew... Breathe!
Seriously Darling, how in the world do I get stuck in the middle of the girls clothing section every single time we go into a Target**???  But that’s not my question for today, it should be... but it’s not...  
This is my question... Can you or someone you know please explain to me why there is no size 9 in kids’ clothing?  There’s size 5/6, 7/8, then 10/12... where the heck is 9? 
10/12 is waaaay to big for Littlest and I’m sure her entire body could fit inside a pair of 10/12 jeans, but a pair of 7/8 will fit for about... mmmm, until yesterday!  Really?  No size 9?  Who’s the person in charge of sizing and what do they have against the number 9?
I just don’t remember going through the size issue with my Oldest, but I guess with boys it’s different and it really doesn’t matter as long as they have a belt that fits.  Men... Hmmmph!  They’ve always had it easy in the clothing department!
So that’s my question Lovey... size 9, where is it and how come it’s not there?  And do you think that’s how that joke came to be?  You know the one.... ‘Why is 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7 eight 9!'  HA!  : )  
My cup is empty, but I would like to refill it with some information about the missing 9.  Actually, if you’d like to fill it with a little Knob Creek, that would be good too!  I’m off to powder my nose... until next time my Darling... Ta Ta! 
**No, I don’t get paid to advertise for Target, though I should, as most of my writing inspirations come from this place!    

Friday, September 9, 2011

Manners Matter... Even for FAB Bloggers Like Myself

Hello my Dear Friend... Happy to have you here! Come on in, I've got a nice warm brew of 'Mind Your Manners' to fill your cup...

I've got 2 hops that I linked my pretty little button to... Lots of Lovin' Weekend Blog Hop hosted by Damaris and Weekend Wander sponsored by FTLOB, I figured today would be the perfect day to chat about our, well... our blog hopping manners!

Blog hops are the perfect opportunity to make some new friends, check out what others are up to, get inspiration, and of course, get your wonderful blog noticed!  Let's go over a couple of things that I've observed about doing hops...  

#1  Read the rules of the hop BEFORE you link up... sometimes it's as simple as following the host, other times there may be rules such as follow the 3 links before you or leave a comment, or... you get the idea.  If you can't or don't have time for that particular hop... DON'T link up!  It's not fair to the others who are playing by the rules and it's like a domino effect if you are supposed to follow someone and you don't.

#2  Let's talk about comments shall we?  With anything in life, first impressions are important and the way you introduce yourself to a blogger you've never met before is through comments.  Am I right?  Of course I am Darling!  You wouldn't go to a complete stranger's house and tell them to fix you dinner, now would you?  Same holds true for asking a blogger you've never met for a follow back.  Don't do it!!

There is a word called, 'tact' when asking for a follow back.  How about instead of writing, "I'm a new follower, you can follow me back at... blah, blah, blah..." say, "Hi, enjoyed your post on.... I'm a new follower from... when you have a moment, maybe you could stop by for a visit."

SEE?  So much better!  But I know you read all the rules and are very tactful when doing hops... this is just a reminder for those that might need a refresher... kind of like how I need to go and refresh my lipstick...  Have fun hopping around this weekend my Sweet... Ta Ta!   

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lots of Lovin’ Weekend Blog Hop Featuring CAFFE!

Hello Darling!  I'm trying a new blend of 'blog hopping' this weekend, care for a cup?

 My Dear Damaris has featured moi once again and I just can't say, "No!"  So link up, make some new friends, play nicely... and if you leave me a sweet comment telling me how much you adore me and are now following me (except YOU Darling, because I know you already do), well... I do like the adore part much better than the follow... wait a second, I'm loosing my focus... follow me, I'll follow you because I am a floozy you know... Have a Fabulous weekend my Dear!  Cups Up!  xoxo

Lots of Lovin' Weekend Blog Hop

To Fasten Your Seatbelt... Insert Metal Clip Into the Buckle...

Hello Darling... Happy to have you here!  I’ve got a strong brew of , ‘Unsafe VW Mommy Driver’ to fill your cup today...
Oh you know you’ve seen Mommys like this before my Dear... You have, haven’t you?  Stop chuckling and pay attention!  Now you’re making me giggle... Yes, I know, we just had this conversation about unsafe Mommys in the parking lot at Target... and these Mommys drive too!!!  I already need a refill...
Driving in the far right lane of the 5 freeway, I was sitting in the passenger’s seat of my Hubby’s BIG truck (big truck, big tires... GRRRRR!  I know, silly huh?  Ask my Darling OBFF about this one!). 
Anyone who knows anything about driving on the freeways of California, know that when you drive in the far right lane on the freeway it means that you are... 
  1. a slower vehicle 
  2. about to exit the freeway 
  3. constantly merging with other cars who are trying to get on the freeway
The rule of thumb for merging is simple... 
If you are on the freeway, continue your same speed and the car that is merging to get on the freeway either speeds up or slows down depending on what the traffic on the freeway is doing.  If there is slow traffic, merging is a ‘take turns’ unspoken etiquette between the cars on the freeway and those coming on.  So you would think...
Little VW Bug, very little, next to my Hubby’s BIG truck decides she is not going to play by the rules.  She speeds up in the shoulder lane and passes cars that are also trying to merge in barely moving traffic, forcing her way in her little VW Bug to get in front of our BIG truck.  Kind of like forcing your size 10 foot into a size 8 1/2 on sale, last pair of Prada boots. 
When BIG truck is slowly moving with the merge, BIG truck is now making little Bug feel like a squishy bug and squishy bug starts to scream in the form of a... beeeeeeeeep
BIG truck lets little Bug merge in front and as she does... left hand comes out of the window and gives everyone an I’m #1 salute!  As I looked in the windows of little Bug, I see Mommy in the driver’s seat and her other seats occupied with... yep, little ones.
Way to go Bug Mommy!  That’s what to do when you have your most precious cargo on board!  Teach them to take chances with car safety and make sure they do it with class...  
My cup is empty... I don’t think I’ll have another cup as this particular brew was a bit on the bitter side... Until next time my Dear, drive safely and watch out for those unsafe Mommy drivers!  Ta Ta! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Featured Darling!

Hello Darling... SO happy you're here!  Come on in and let me fill your cup so you can lift it up to... Moi!  Yes, my Sweet, the wonderful and fabulous Damaris of "Life According to Damaris" has featured me on her weekly, Give a Hoot Wednesday Blog Hop.  Thank you Damaris Darling... Cups Up!

If you'd like to link up, leave me a comment so I can follow you back.  Thanks for stopping by my Dear!  xoxo

Friday, September 2, 2011

3 Day Weekend? YIPPEE!

Hello Darling... This will be a quick cup as I’m off and running doing all things 3 day weekends have to offer... Have a fab weekend my Sweet!  Until next time... Ta Ta!
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