Friday, October 21, 2011

At Least Wait For A Red Light When Applying Lipstick!

Hello my Dear Friend, so delighted that you are here to visit!  I’m glad you made it here safely as the driving I witnessed today was quite awful!  I’ve got a freshly brewed pot of,
Why Are You Driving SO Friggin’ Fast?’ to fill your cup...
SLOW DOWN!  There... I said it.  And I’ll say it again, “SLOW DOWN YOU STUPID MOMMY... Your most precious cargo is in the car with you!!”  
I don’t get it.  Is our society in such a hurry to get from point A to point B that safety no longer matters even when children are in the car?  Have we lost our minds that when we get behind the wheel of our cars we become invincible?  And the business of driving has gotten so lax!  I constantly see Mommys doing the most ridiculous tasks while steering in a street full of traffic, or worse, on the freeway...  
Really?  You really need to check your text now?  
No, you’re dog doesn’t have a license!
Trying to discipline your child in the back seat when you are in the front seat driving is not a good idea.
You’re kidding!  A bottle of foundation?
Cigarette, coffee cup, and a bluetooth?  Is there a pair of hands on the steering wheel somewhere? 
Mascara and the phone in your ear?
Absolutely ridiculous Darling!  And these are the very culprits that are going mach 3000 in a parking lot where many children are running about, trying to get from one place to the next...  Tsssk, tsssk, tsssk!
I wish I had a button in my car that when pushed, a very loud bullhorn would appear and with a forceful voice coming over the speaker... “HEY, STUPID MOMMY!  STOP BEING SO STUPID!”  Then a sticker would appear out of thin air and land on their back bumper and permanently stay, no matter how hard they try to scrub it off.  It would read... UNSAFE MOMMY DRIVER... and after 6 months, depending on how well they’ve been driving, the sticker would start to fade.
How’s that wild idea?  lol
Well my Dear, my cup is empty and I need to get back and finish my prior project... I’m trying to scrub my back bumper, but no matter how I scrub it,  it doesn’t want to come clean!  Oh well... until next time my Darling... Ta Ta!


  1. Oh lord, how true that is. I don't get it either...and I'm sure I've done something I'm not supposed to either. A good lesson for us all to pay attention and slow down! :D

  2. It is the same in these parts it scares the crap out of me. The other day some douche bag mom actually went by fast as I was trying to cross the parking lot with my almost 2 year old while she was chit chating away on her friggin phone. I gave her the 1 finger salute because that is how I roll. I don't get it!

  3. Oh, I like your sticker idea, unless I got one. I'm amazed at some of the driving I've seen lately. The fast parking lot drivers are my biggest nemesis. I would also like to ban ALL teenage drivers, except my own kids when they're that age because I'll probably be too lazy to drive them everywhere.

  4. People seem to forget that driving is a privilege, and not a right.. (myself included sometimes!!) People need to chill out and drive responsibly! People's lives are at risk! GEES!

  5. This is a hot topic (to match the lipstick you are wearing, no doubt!). Yes, SLOW DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION, is in order!

    I once went on a school field trip and another mom volunteered to take my child and me in her SUV. Dear Lord, it was was a DEATH TRAP! Merging on the freeway at a high speed, not signaling, while talking on a hand-held cell phone and snapping at her kids! Yikes. She broke both the traffic safety rule as well as the "Don't talk on your SELF-phone (as my kid calls it) for 30 minutes when you have a guest sitting next to you.

    Phew, it was good to get that one out. I appreciate that you brought the issue up!

  6. I don't understand the people that just drive down our street! HELLO...there are children playing here... no need to drive so fast! AND they have a kids in THEIR car... you would think they would know better!

  7. so true.. i cringe whenever i see people doing this :)

  8. stopping by forthe blog hop!! now following....

  9. agreed. then I remembered we are both from SoCal and it made sense. I swear people in other states don't drive as bad! Watch out when it rains :)

  10. I think they should install some sort of shocking device in peoples' cars when they act like idiots;-) But I live in Florida which is now turning into Q-tipland due to the fabulous snowbirds who really shouldn't have licenses! Just sayin'.... ;-)
    Cups up buttercup!

  11. you couldnt of said it any better!! thank u i hate annoying bitches like that GTFO of my way thanks! i dont care if u cant manage ur time right just get out of my way and we will be okay lol. hahha Andrea from above, We have snowbirds here too man they dont care i saw one hit an elderly man in a wheelchair and drove off wow the elderly are just as bad.
    btw lovely i gave u a blog award head over to my page and check it out <3

  12. New follower, come by for some puddin n pie...

  13. You couldn't be more RIGHT!!! We have become such an "instant gratification" society, that patience & common sense have flown right out the window! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one that want a bullhorn handy when I spot ignorant drivers, especially "stupid mommy drivers." Time for a fresh pot now... Enjoy your Sunday!!

  14. Wow! Goodness Darlings, I go away for a weekend beauty retreat and come back to a house full of MILFs talking about bad Mommy drivers from one side of the country to the other! I'm glad you all stopped by... xoxo

    OHHHHH, MS. SOCAL SWEETHEART.... Thank you Darling for the award! I'll be by as soon as I freshen up my lipstick... xoxo

    Welcome my Dears Malia and Georgie... Thanks for stopping by, I'll get to your place as soon as I pick up my award from SocalSweetie Pie! xoxo

  15. When I drive with my "precious cargo" in the backseat I don't multitask. Ever. Two hands on the wheel when my kids are with me. But when I used to commute to work solo, I was guilty of driving and applying makeup at the same time. And I was pretty good at it, too ;)


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