Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7, 8, 9...

Hello my Dear Friend... as always, I’m SO delighted that you are here!  I’ve got a very confusing pot of ‘Where the heck is size 9?’ to fill your cup.  
Shopping with Littlest in tow, somehow we’ve managed to ignore our ‘to get’ list (again) and found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the pink and purple paradise also known as... in my very loud and proclaiming thoughts, ‘Caffe, control yourself... we really don’t need another pair of denim shorts or a green polkadot t-shirt with the words, Gurlz Rule, Boyz Drool! on the front because you have enough laundry to do already without adding more!’  Pheeew... Breathe!
Seriously Darling, how in the world do I get stuck in the middle of the girls clothing section every single time we go into a Target**???  But that’s not my question for today, it should be... but it’s not...  
This is my question... Can you or someone you know please explain to me why there is no size 9 in kids’ clothing?  There’s size 5/6, 7/8, then 10/12... where the heck is 9? 
10/12 is waaaay to big for Littlest and I’m sure her entire body could fit inside a pair of 10/12 jeans, but a pair of 7/8 will fit for about... mmmm, until yesterday!  Really?  No size 9?  Who’s the person in charge of sizing and what do they have against the number 9?
I just don’t remember going through the size issue with my Oldest, but I guess with boys it’s different and it really doesn’t matter as long as they have a belt that fits.  Men... Hmmmph!  They’ve always had it easy in the clothing department!
So that’s my question Lovey... size 9, where is it and how come it’s not there?  And do you think that’s how that joke came to be?  You know the one.... ‘Why is 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7 eight 9!'  HA!  : )  
My cup is empty, but I would like to refill it with some information about the missing 9.  Actually, if you’d like to fill it with a little Knob Creek, that would be good too!  I’m off to powder my nose... until next time my Darling... Ta Ta! 
**No, I don’t get paid to advertise for Target, though I should, as most of my writing inspirations come from this place!    


  1. I think there's no 9 because there's a manikin change in between. With adult clothes the stores that are odd numbers are built on a less hippy, less chesty model, the ones on the even numbers are on a manikin that's more curvy... so for children's clothes they have a specific type of adjustable manikin to create the 7/8(still under children) and then they move up to the 10/12(which is a preteen manikin)... so 9 gets lost in the change over. It's annoying!! but there's the reason :)

    Hope that helps! Love you Blog!!

  2. I've wondered the same thing...or why so many of the little girl pants seem to be skinny fit. I know they have hefty but my littlest is not hefty just ummm stout lol.

    and even in adults I can fit into and 8 but size 9 in juinors fuget about it!!!

  3. Lol. I have no idea why there wouldn't be a size 9! I am yet to cross that bridge w/the Chitlin...but I did spend a lot of time at Target today... Their Missoni line came out today and if it weren't already sold out I would've been in great trouble. ;)

  4. That is so strange! And since we're on the subject, what about boys/mens sock sizes? There is a missing size between the largest boys' socks and the smallest men's socks. I have determined that size, too: it's the size that's the same as a women's medium/regular sized sock.

    My son's foot is my own size foot, now. He's 12 and fits perfectly into women's athletic socks (the unisex kind... nothing frilly). But he's too large for boys' socks and too small for mens' socks. It's irritating. Somewhere, there's a girls' size 9 outfit hanging out with a pair of boys' extra large socks.

  5. BTW thanks sooo much sweetie for putting me under blogs you adore! I'm working on getting a similar thing up on my sight(if kids would stop getting their arms stuck and pine needles stuck in certain orfaces)I just wish I could figure out how to make a cute button lol as well.

  6. I have boys and belts. So I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. lol!

  7. Well, well, well... my Dear Angie, YOU are quite knowledgeable and that is so facinating about the manikins! Who would have thought and how did you know that? My Cup is Up to YOU and your wonderful answer! xoxo

    Wendy Darling, they do that to confuse us... or buy more! lol Thanks for stopping by my Sweet... xoxo

    Hello my Dear Ana, maybe by the time Chitlan is old enough, there will be size 9! lol xoxo

    LOL That is so funny AOCM Darling! Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

    Love to you Wendy Darling! xoxo

    Brittany Sweetie, You don't know what I'm talking about because your tummy is thinking for you! lol I hope your well Darling and taking care of yourself... xoxo

  8. I'm so glad we're not to size 9 yet! I can't keep up with my growing children. I'm thinking I need to learn to sew or do the laundry more often. :)

  9. That is so weird! I never noticed that. But maybe that is because the Toddler is only a size 3T!!
    Love that joke. It made me laugh. I know, I am lame!

  10. Hello GGM Darling, Sewing? Like you have time my Dear! lol Blowing kisses... xoxo

    E Darling, I laugh at all the silliest jokes... we're not lame, we're fun! Cups Up! xoxo

  11. I have often asked this same question. My kids are almost grown now. I have 2 in college and 1 is a junior in high school and shopping is and always will be an experience requiring a lot of caffeine! I am following your blog :)

  12. Hello Kimba Darling, Welcome, welcome... No need to worry about size 9 anymore for you my Dear! lol Thanks for the follow and I'l stop by your place just as soon as I powder my nose... xoxo


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