Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Fasten Your Seatbelt... Insert Metal Clip Into the Buckle...

Hello Darling... Happy to have you here!  I’ve got a strong brew of , ‘Unsafe VW Mommy Driver’ to fill your cup today...
Oh you know you’ve seen Mommys like this before my Dear... You have, haven’t you?  Stop chuckling and pay attention!  Now you’re making me giggle... Yes, I know, we just had this conversation about unsafe Mommys in the parking lot at Target... and these Mommys drive too!!!  I already need a refill...
Driving in the far right lane of the 5 freeway, I was sitting in the passenger’s seat of my Hubby’s BIG truck (big truck, big tires... GRRRRR!  I know, silly huh?  Ask my Darling OBFF about this one!). 
Anyone who knows anything about driving on the freeways of California, know that when you drive in the far right lane on the freeway it means that you are... 
  1. a slower vehicle 
  2. about to exit the freeway 
  3. constantly merging with other cars who are trying to get on the freeway
The rule of thumb for merging is simple... 
If you are on the freeway, continue your same speed and the car that is merging to get on the freeway either speeds up or slows down depending on what the traffic on the freeway is doing.  If there is slow traffic, merging is a ‘take turns’ unspoken etiquette between the cars on the freeway and those coming on.  So you would think...
Little VW Bug, very little, next to my Hubby’s BIG truck decides she is not going to play by the rules.  She speeds up in the shoulder lane and passes cars that are also trying to merge in barely moving traffic, forcing her way in her little VW Bug to get in front of our BIG truck.  Kind of like forcing your size 10 foot into a size 8 1/2 on sale, last pair of Prada boots. 
When BIG truck is slowly moving with the merge, BIG truck is now making little Bug feel like a squishy bug and squishy bug starts to scream in the form of a... beeeeeeeeep
BIG truck lets little Bug merge in front and as she does... left hand comes out of the window and gives everyone an I’m #1 salute!  As I looked in the windows of little Bug, I see Mommy in the driver’s seat and her other seats occupied with... yep, little ones.
Way to go Bug Mommy!  That’s what to do when you have your most precious cargo on board!  Teach them to take chances with car safety and make sure they do it with class...  
My cup is empty... I don’t think I’ll have another cup as this particular brew was a bit on the bitter side... Until next time my Dear, drive safely and watch out for those unsafe Mommy drivers!  Ta Ta! 


  1. Appalling! She is going to be one squished-bug-on-a-windshield, one of these days. Those poor little kids. At least she taught them how to use that middle finger.

  2. Oh dear! What a way to set an example! ...I swear it wasn't me Caffe. Lol ;)

  3. OH my....I thought I was back in NOCAL

  4. I am now following you from the hop and would love a follow back over at

  5. Geez! What is it with those crazy VW buggy drivers?!

  6. Hello AOCM Darling, Nice to have you here... teaching confidence at an early age, you know, being #1 and all... lol xoxo

    My Dear Ana, I completely believe you (wink,wink)... Blowing kisses... xoxo

    LOL- CM Darling, I know you quit smoking and your patience may be on the short side... but I KNOW you're just kidding! Cups Up Darling! xoxo

    Thanks for the follow MizzRL... I'll stop by after I powder my nose... xoxo

    Brittney Darling, How are you feeling Dear? Hope all is well and I'm so delighted that you stopped by... xoxo

  7. Absolutely loved this!!! - LD

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed this LD Darling... Blowing kisses... xoxo


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