Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Dos & Don'ts of the Back To School Mommy

Hello my Darling Friend... I’m always so delighted when you stop by!  Let me fill your cup with a fresh blend of, ‘Mommys Who Should Freshen Up on their Back to School Manners!’
My oh my, can you believe how fast the summer season went by?  Next thing you know, there’ll be ghosts and goblins running through the neighborhood and then the shopping season begins... Oh, how I just adore the shopping season... colorful new lipsticks, shiny new lipsticks, bright new lipsticks... huh?  OH, I mean, of course Darling, shopping for others is what I meant... **ahem** 
See how I get?  Mention the word ‘lipstick’ and I fall apart at the seams and can’t control my compulsive behavior to stay on topic!  Now where were we?  Oh yes... the end of summer, back to school and all that goes with... including outrageous Mommy manners!  Sounds like it’s time for more Mommy Lessons.  Do I have a Dos & Don’ts list for back to school behavior?  You betcha... let’s get started...
DO greet other Mommys when bringing your kids to school or extra curricular activities with a friendly ‘hello’ regardless if you know them or not.  It’s polite.  They don’t need to be your BFF or meet you for weekly pedi appointments, but you will see these same Mommys throughout the year and having a friendly way about you sets a wonderful example for your own children and for others to follow suit.
If you’re not new to the school, welcome those that are new... DON’T make new Mommys feel unwelcome by saying such nonsense as, “Oh, I didn’t know I would see you here.  They must have redistricted your neighborhood.”  Catty, catty... tssk, tssk!
DO follow the rules when dropping your kids off at school or other outside activities.  Usually there are crossing guards to help guide you and I know there are many signs and painted arrows that direct you to your destination.
DON’T drive to the front of the line when it’s not your turn and then proceed to block all traffic and endanger those kids that are trying to cross safely but now your entire vehicle has dominated the driveway.  tssk, tssk, tssk  I’m sure that car will have a fabulous new ‘key’ design on their door by the time the school year is over.
DO wear appropriate Mommy clothing that doesn’t distract others when you bend over to kiss your child goodbye.  Let’s save that look for a hot date night with the Hubby instead... sound good?
DON’T judge other Mommys’ AM attire as not everyone is a morning person and can look like they walked off the pages of a Nordstrom’s catalogue.  Even moi has morning challenges, though you would never know it of course!  Coffee stains down the front of a blouse, a forgotten pajama bottom as trousers or mismatched shoes can be quite endearing and remind us all that we’re only human and we do make mistakes.  It's okay... even if our shirt is inside out.
Well Darling, the pot is empty and I must get myself organized for the school year... I’ll start with buying a few new lipsticks to add to my morning routine, oooh, some new powder too.  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta!  


  1. Great advice! I really enjoy reading your blog.

    Stop by for a visit soon...


  2. Great advice as always!!! Infused with humor as always too :-) Always love sharing coffee with you!

  3. As a mom whose son just started a new school-- thank you for this post!
    Being new, I tried a big friendly "Hello" to another mom with a boy and, WOW, was she cold. ...just said something like, "He's only in this one class" and then stalked off. It made me check to see if my pants were unzipped or something. But then I met some nicer moms.
    -- Love your writing! --

  4. Great advice, I think it should be printed out and mailed to every Mom a couple of days before school starts back up.

    What's with those Moms who blow past the drop off line to get right up to the front and then proceed to get out of their car, help their child with their backback, walk them to the front door and kiss them good bye... hello how can they forget about the line of cars behind them? I mean they just drove past us all to bud their way to the front of the line?

  5. Hello Fabiana Darling, on my way just as soon as I powder my nose... xoxo

    Michael A my Dear, Always a pleasure to share a cup with you... just as long as we don't shoot coffee out of our noses from giggling to much! Why, that would smudge my lipstick! Kisses Darling... xoxo

    AOCM Darling, SO happy when you stop by for a visit! Never mind about those cold Mommys... even if your pant are unzipped! You're FAB my Dear... xoxo

    Hello my Dear Cynthia, Welcome, welcome... Maybe a new key design is needed for that car? Oh my... did I just say that? No, that was the caffeine talking! lol Blowing kisses... xoxo

  6. Thank God ...My little one is headed to preschool in a few months and I just do not want to deal with the attitudes of the not so friendly moms! Why can't everyone just be nice like you said we do not have to BFF but let's try to be cordial. So far at all the activities I have gone with my little one I have only met 5 cool mommy's. That is just wrong. Smooches and Ciao Bella....

  7. Wonderful words of wisdom as always! You never leave a dull moment when writing!

  8. Hahahah how true! SAY HI FOR PETE'S SAKE! Some people just don't know their manners anymore. And I'm gonna be one of those moms who's wearing the stained shirt and pjs pants. BUT I will put on a bra, I promise. =)

  9. hear hear@@
    simple rules with simple heart felt sense

    as for the am wardrobe,,,, I don't even get out of the car so it is usually along dress *mu-mu is what they used to call them, crocs and when its colder a sweatshirt thrown over my pj bottoms.

    school volunteers/pta or whatever it is called at your school is one of the most cliqe filled places outsdie of highschool!!

    royals hugs

  10. Oh my, your post is so funny. I often wonder if you could just drop off the kids in your PJs but that would not be fun for others to look at. I guess I can say that it's okay since I homeschool my daughter. But, all-in-all, great tips. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  11. You should print that out and stick it under wiper blades in the school parking lot :) I am Following you now from the hop. Hope you can stop by and return the favor soon :)

  12. Hello CM Darling, You've got some time to acclimate until kindergarten! xoxo

    Brittany Darling, so happy you stopped by... blowing kisses... xoxo

    Thanks for stopping by Wendy Darling... though I know you don't need any of this in your homeschool world! xoxo

    Welcome, welcome Camilleta Darling! Yes, a bra is a good thing, not always necessary, but at least we'll notice the coffee stain instead! lol xoxo

    Royal hugs? Lady B, when are you going to bequeath me, or what do you call it? Just call me, Princess Caffe! lol Blowing kisses Lovey! xoxo

    Hello Barbara Darling, Welcome to COCM! Homeschool? Ahh my Dear, you don't need to worry about any of this stuff! lol xoxo

    Hello my Dear Shauna, Welcome and thank you for the follow. I will stop by your place just as soon as I powder my nose... xoxo

  13. So, I think you added the last Don't for me! You should see me when I drop off my kids in the morning. Pajama clothes, frizzy hair, glasses, no makeup. The worst part is that I actually have to get out of the car to let my daughter out! Oh the shame. I think I'll just tape a "don't judge" sign to my forehead.

  14. lol! I am such an epic failure at saying "hi" to the other moms! What can I say? I am an anti-social freak. Besides, no one would hear me over the wailing of my three kids as I load/unload them out of the minivan anyway.

  15. My Dear GGM, nowTHAT'S something to post about! You're to adorable, even in your pjs... xoxo

    Hello Brittany Darling... I can get over the 'hi' thang as long as you're not cutting in line at the drop off hot spot! lol Thanks for stopping by Sweetie... xoxo

  16. Caff, your list is perfection, of course!

    Though I homeschool, I had some experience with the pick-up car line when my bonus student was still in school. It was so unbelievably horrible and frustrating that I quickly learned to park 2 blocks away and hoof it to the school, then back, just to avoid all the crazy/rude moms in SUV's.

    I loved your reminder to say "hi"..some moms, like moi are shy, it really helps if a more bold mom will say 'hi'..I will always say 'hi' back! :)

  17. Enjoyed your post a teacher, I think I could come up with a few 'dos and don'ts' for parents myself!

  18. Hello HJ Darling! SO nice when you drop by... we're a perfect friendship, like an olive with a dry martini... I'll always say 'hi' to you Lovey! xoxo

    My Dear MW, DO tell! lol Thanks for stopping by Doll! xoxo

  19. New follower from FTLOB.

    My biggest pet peeve is all the moms in their monster SUV's who drive and park where ever they want regardless of the safety of others.

    We actually ended up having to drive our oldest every day to the junior high 2 blocks away because of all the near misses we had walking.

  20. What a clever post! I agree with you on all accounts. Thank you for following me during the blog hop. I am happily following you back. :)

  21. Hello Cake Darling, Welcome to COCM! Absolutely dreadful how these Mommys drive! And by a school? Tssk...tssk... Thanks for the follow Lovey... I'll stop by just as soon as I fix my lipstick... xoxo

    Hello my Dear Kadie, Welcome and thank you for the follow... Cups Up! xoxo


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