Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Do I Know About TP???

Welcome, welcome Darling, I'm glad you're here as I'm always delighted when you come to visit!  It has been an absolute madhouse around here preparing my gorgeous self for a couple of upcoming, big social events and I need to sit down and catch my breath... let me fill your cup and I'll refill mine and let's chat about this coming Thursday...

I'm going out with the Swiffers Thursday night and I haven't had a good Mommys' Night Out in quite a long time.  As we all know, it's always difficult to get a dozen women together in the same room without children or a husband's schedule interfering into the mix and there is always someone missing from the group.  Ahhhh, MIA, missing from the group brings many fond memories to my mind as it's something that you never want to do in this group unless you want TP on your hedges!  Oooops!  Did I just say that?  I mean, toliet... no... paper... tea time... uhhh... okay... alright, I'll 'fess up!

It all started when half of our group didn't show up to play bunko one Friday night and between who was there, the chatting began... bits and pieces of information was starting to gel together and we all figured out that one of the galz was having a surprise birthday party for her hubby.  Now we all understand that these events happen and sometimes even on a bunko night, can't be helped... but where were the rest of the galz?  Hmmm... oh yes, one husband is a friend of the other husband and the next husband is friend of... well, you know where I'm going with this.  Then the fingers start to fly and the texts were going out left and right... by the time the texting was done, we knew exactly who was at the birthday party and who left their homes unattended.  Heee, heeee, heeee... I wonder how many rolls of TP will be needed to cover Dr. R's house?  Shall we find out? 

So if you ever decide to go out and TP your friend's house (how old are we again?), I have a few tips that will help complete your mission...

  • Do bring a roll of TP for each member to participate, remember, it's teamwork after all.
  • Don't decide at the last minute that you're not going to play and then everyone starts throwing their TP in your direction and now we are wasting time and throwing TP in front of the neighbor's window.
  • Do throw the TP high in the air so that it gets waaaay up in the tall tree.
  • Do try to be as quiet as possible so the neighbors don't hear you.
  • Don't scream when the TP is falling to the ground from the tall tree and just misses your head.
  • Do TP every single hedge you see and if you feel like TPing the fountain, Don't fall in and yell, "Awww sh#t!  These are my favorite shoes!"
  • Do go quickly as we don't want the neighborhood dogs to start barking.
  • Don't stand in the middle of the yard wondering how to decorate that rose bush and start trying to make everything look symmetrical, this is not a showing for the real estate buyers, Ms. Chess Piece!
  • DO turn off you cell phone that plays Livin' La Vida Loca on extra loud because you can never hear your phone when your hubby is calling and on this particular night, the whole neighborhood now knows your favorite song. 
  • And finally, Don't leave the car doors open so that the light stays on and everyone who is peeking out of their windows in the 'hood can see exactly who is decorating your good friend's home.

So that my Dear Friend is the first of many little mischievous adventures with the Swiffers.  We did eventually crash the birthday party, stole all their TP from their master bath and used it to TP the birthday boy's house.  Well, at least it wasn't a CMB (chicken milk bomb) that was left in his attic, that my Darling is for another story...

Thursday night will be here shortly... I wonder how many rolls of toilet paper will fit in the back of the car?  Oh, never mind... My my, my cup is empty, and I still need to figure out which lipstick I'll be wearing for Thursday night!  Come back again and we'll chat about something other than TOLIET PAPER.  Until next time my Darling, Ta Ta!


  1. That's great! I haven't TPd a house since I was in middle school.

  2. Awesome! You and your friends are hilarious! I have, sadly, missed out on such a fun experience. Though I think next time you need matching camouflage suits too or maybe hot pink spandex. And invite me! :)

  3. I love it, it sounds so familiar :)

  4. Hello Jenn Dear, welcome back and maybe for your next Monday Make Over post, you talk about the wonderful glow your complexion gets after being out in the night air... just a thought... Cups Up! xoxo

    Matching hot pink spandex? GGM Darling, you are making my mascara run and now I have to fix my make up! xoxo P.S. Move a little closer to my neighborhood and you can be the getaway driver! lol

    Andrea Dear, I'm still fixing my eye make up from GGM's comment! Keep on with your book Darling, maybe you can do a chapter on the bad guys house being TPed by the neighborhood kids and that's how he gets found... lol Cups Up! xoxo

    Welcome A Darling! I think I recognize your type font... ; ) xoxo

  5. This is too funny! Don't get into too much trouble. ;]

  6. I would have way to much fun with you gals! I can see all the texting at the table and TP coming out of the cabinets and headed into the car! So much fun! Great tips! Brings me back to when we were younger.
    much love

  7. Trouble? Us? Whatever do you mean Delaney Dear? lol xoxo

    Welcome Nikki Darling, yes, I'm sure you'd fit right in! After the TP is gone, you could coach us back into behaving like appropriate Mommys! lol xoxo

  8. ROFL! There's no doubt in my mind that I'd be on the receiving end of your little escapades. It seems I miss practically everything I'm invited to-it might be a blessing in disguise that you live there and I live here! But saying that, I'd sure love to come over for some caffeine, pour yourself some coffee and I'll bring the Diet Coke!

  9. you CRACK me up!!! get it? TP....crack? AHAHAHHAHAHHHA.....yes, that's me...laughing at my own joke. I definitely needed to read this today. I have two teething children, and this is the first time today that I have CRACKED a smile. Okay. Sorry. I'll stop with the BUTT jokes.....-sigh-. I'm going to make a drink now.

  10. Chicken milk bomb? Gah!! Can't wait to hear about that one!

  11. Side note. Just went to vote for you again by clicking the button at the top of your page and it said Error page not found. Is the contest over?

  12. Well Hello Lindy Darling! Would absolutely be delighted to have caffeine with you... Cups Up! xoxo

    Miranda Lovey, I see that you've read the butt crack post... glad you are catching up on my blog and not BEHIND... BUTT, you are always welcome here and never a pain in my REAR! lol Cups Up Miranda Dear! xoxo

    Chicken Milk Bomb? VV Sweetie, I don't know a THING about chicken milk bombs... lol xoxo P.S. The link is working again. Thanks for your vote! ; )

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  14. Caffe, you're bringing back my childhood memories of living in Huntington Beach! Haven't tp'd anything but my own you know what ages!
    Perhaps I should bring this OC tradition to Vancouver, but I might be arrested and I hear the tp isn't 3-ply in prison...great post Dahlink!

  15. That's the first time I've heard of adults TP'ing, and I think it's the best thing ever!

  16. Sounds like you girls are having way to much fun!!

    New follower and I voted on the fence.

  17. Remind me to never blow off one of your parties LOL

  18. Very colorful site. I am now following your blog. Found you on BSN. Please follow me back! Thanks.
    Love the TP party!

  19. Welcome Tawna Darling! Thanks for the follow and I'll stop by your place just as soon as I fix my lipstick... xoxo

    My Dear Jill, now how would you my lovely know about the TP in prison? lol Cups Up! xoxo

    Hello Elizabeth Darling, Thanks for taking the time to stop by... you're such a busy one with you're celebrity status, GOOD for you... Cups Up! xoxo

    My Dear Journey, Thank you for stopping by, and THANK YOU for inspiring and enlightening people everywhere with your blog. Cups Up! xoxo

    Ms. LB Sweetie, now why on earth would you say such a thing? lol Cups Up my Dear! xoxo

    Hello and Welcome Mary Darling, as soon as I'm done powdering my nose, I'll stop by for a visit... xoxo

  20. Oh gosh, I haven't done that in AGES! I bet it is just as fun now as it was before! Visiting from FTLOB!

  21. Welcome Kyria Darling, maybe the reason you haven't TPed in awhile is because you're out traveling the world... how wonderful! Cups Up! xoxo

  22. oh my, love the photo! I shudder while thinking of actually having to clean that up!! The last time I went tp-ing, I was with my M-I-L and praying we wouldn't get arrested ;)

  23. HJ Darling, you crack me up... arrested for TPing? Is that possible? lol

  24. This was so friggin funny and brought back many a memory!


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