Saturday, October 29, 2011

WARNING: This is a STRONG Brew of 'Mommys Who are Unaware'...

Hello Darling... Happy as always when you stop by!  I’ve got a fresh pot brewing and I think it may be a bit strong... 
Bad Parenting.  Oh my, that’s a couple of words that can set many Mommys into cardiac arrest.  But I have to do it my Dear, I have to say what’s on my mind and I know you won’t be offended as you are not one of those Mommys. 
Now Darling, I won’t beat around the bush, though I’d like to beat some of these Mommys over the head for behaving the way they do.  Yes my Dear, I am Caffe, and of course I adore my lipsticks and powdering my pretty little nose, but there’s only one thing that’s more important than my fabulous good looks... being a good Mommy.
There are several areas I’ve noticed that are lacking in good parenting skills... too much in fact to put into one post.  So let’s start this chat with a word that has been forgotten on the back burner and now needs to get stirred up a bit ... 
awareness |əˈwe(ə)rnis| 
knowledge or perception of a situation or fact: we need to raise public awareness of the issue. there is a lack of awareness of the risks.
• concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development: a growing environmental awareness. his political awareness developed.
But Caffe, what are you talking about?  The lack of awareness in parenting Darling!  Haven’t you noticed the Mommys that don’t notice?  The Mommys that don’t notice when their 18 month old is running away from them at the register in Costco?  Really?  There’s a remedy for that... it’s called... PUT THEM IN THE SEAT OF THE SHOPPING CART! 
The Mommys that don’t notice when they are standing in line with Grandma at the Starbucks in Target while their toddler runs to the rubbish can, rubs her hands around the rim (Eeew!), looks at Mommy, then bolts into the abyss of the $1 aisles by the entrance, a few feet away from the main entrance... This particular Mommy DID... NOT... SEE... HER... GO!  And what about Grandma?  She wasn’t paying attention either!  Now we know where this Mommy learned it from.
True stories.  I witnessed both within a few days of each other.  

Mommy in Costco held everybody up in line while retrieving her little firecracker, even though she was in the middle of a transaction.  Ummmm, yup, AWARENESS!
Mommy in Target searched for her ‘in plain sight’ little escape artist for 8, eight, EIGHT MINUTES!!!!!  How do I know this you ask?  I was in the same line watching my own Littlest, while watching this event unfold.  After I got my coffee, I actually stood by the entrance to make sure that the little one didn’t go out the doors. 
The thing that bothered me the most, was when Mommy finally got back to Grandma with child in arms, she was scolding the little girl!  I wanted to throw my shoe at this Mommy, but I was wearing a pair of Pradas! 
None of this would have happened if the Mommys paid attention to their most precious gifts.
The busy holiday season is coming upon us and we need more than ever to spread good cheer and remember today’s Mommy Lessons... AWARENESS.
My cup is empty, and I really don’t think I need another... besides, I need to look in the dictionary and find my next back burner word to stir up!  Until we meet again my Dear Friend... Ta Ta! 
P.S. I must send a warm Cups Up! to SoCalSweetheart, Theresa, over at A Shot Of Laughter ... She awarded me the Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you so much Theresa Darling and I will purchase a new shade of lipstick for this special honor...  Blowing Kisses...  xoxo


  1. My favorite was when I saw a little girl licking the rim of the olive bar in my local grocery store. The kid was walking up and down it licking the rim with no parent in site. Yum!

  2. Oh dear... I always wonder when I see little ones wandering around by themselves... "Where the F is their mom?!" I would have a minor heart attack and a major freak out if I didn't keep such a close eye on the Chitlin.

  3. I know its important for parents to be aware but you have to remember how easily it is to get distracted... I don't think that makes someone a bad parent unless they do it ALL the time

  4. "UGH!" to all those parents out there who let their precious little ones get lost or run wild (and it's not just an unexpected one-time accident). And, yes, Eeeiw, about the trash can. I've seen that, too!

  5. Those are the mothers that I try my hardest to avoid and make me want to run out of the store as quick as possible. My poor children feel that I am overprotective because I won't allow them to walk five feet away from me when we are at a store. Lol

  6. Hopefully I wasn't considered one of those mommies tonight as we were at a Halloween event and my 'lil dude was running - no, BOLTING this way and that, waaay ahead of all of us...I had my eye on him, but it was difficult! And this is without Halloween candy! Ugh...not looking forward to the actual night (even though it's my fave.) Needless to say we had a serious talk when we got home. I can't take my eye off him for a second!

  7. Parents who know their child is apt to run off, need to pay special attention. Some kids are good at sticking next to mom, some are not. Moms should definitely be AWARE what type of child they have, and if they have a bolter, hold on tight to that child, or as you said, strap them in the cart.

  8. It is called a leash and duct tape....All kidding aside I agree. I see kids wandering on their own all the time. I am not kidding on the leash..I have one and I use it when I need to. If people have a problem let them come up to me and say something. They way I parent is non of your business and I am making sure my child is not going to wander in the middle of the street or get snatches by some weirdo. Sometimes people need to take their head's out of their butts and notice what is going on around them.

  9. This is why some people need to be tested before procreating:-)

  10. Oh my... what did I start! Thank you Darlings for stopping by and leaving your thoughts... you ALL are top notch MILFy Mommys!

    We DO need to know the difference between being distracted (which of course happens) and being oblivious, which is unacceptable... especially in public. One time, no matter how good you are as a parent is not good enough. My lipstick is a bit smudged, time to go and fix it... xoxo

  11. Oh My goodness this is one of my main parenting peeves!!! Thanks for the love on my blog this morning and making me laugh!

  12. Well said! It drives me crazy to see a mother bundled up because it's cold outside and her newborn baby is in a onesie. Or letting their child run around in complete chaos around a store.

    ~The Clumsy Coquette

  13. You wanna hear something ironic... I read your post then ran out the door to take Buddy to the doc. As we were sitting in the waiting room there was this young mom so consumed with playing texting grab-ass with someone that she didn't notice her son climbing up on a chair to try and stick his fingers in the fish tank. No sooner than IIIII did that mothers job and told the little boy to get down, he fell and cracked his head on the edge of the fish tank table. SHOCKING! I didn't see that one coming a mile away!!

  14. My personal "Mommy of the Year" award would definitely have to go to the mommy that stopped to let her children peel paint off my car.

    And then sprinkle it like confetti.

  15. Target is FULL of unaware Mommies!!!! It's like Target puts the $1 bins there on purpose, to keep the little darlin's from running straight out the doors without mommy looking! Good thinking Target, distract, distract, distract! Kudos to you for watching for her to run out the door for her mom, you're too good!


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