Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ka... Kaaaan... KANSAS??

Hello my Dear Darling Friend... it’s an absolute pleasure when you stop by for a visit!  Come make yourself comfy and let me pour you a nice hot cup of, ‘What?!  I need more monkey repellant?’
Oh my goodness gracious Darling, I hope your summer is going FABulous... mine?  Wonderfully relaxing. 

the realization  
Hubby’s travel destination...         Kansas.
Ka, Kaaaan.... KANSAS AGAIN??  Do we have to?  I did this trip already last year, why do we have to do it again?  Huh?  80th birthday party?  Will there be lots of booze and medication?  Because you know, Kansas in the middle of summer equates to Caffe having a need to be sedated to handle the alarm on the weather cube that forecasts upcoming tornadoes... the need to not care that the flying insects the size of a small child can be batted away with a shoe and a shrill scream... but most importantly, the need to be sedated when I realize that my favorite lipstick has made a puddle in my purse because the temperature outside is in the TRIPLE digits!!!!
Oh Gawd... I need a drink... do you have a cigarette Darling?  I don’t smoke Caffe.  Huh?  Yeah, me either...
Well Darling *sniff sniff sniff* I guess I should start packing *sniffle sniff sniff*... wish me well and pray for my safe return.  If you don’t hear from me for more than 2 weeks, send out the foot soldiers and a dozen helicopters to come and find me!
In the mean while, I’ve actually figured out how to use the timer thingy to put post up automatically... oooh, I’m getting sooo tech savvy!  So while I’m away, I have a new topic that will make you giggle like a school girl..."Caffe Quips" will help make the time fly while you’re missing me.
Yes, I’m stalling... off to packing I go... hmmm, which lipsticks... which lipsticks?  OH, and the monkey repellant, don’t forget the monkey repellant!  Until next time my Darling Friend... Ta Ta!


  1. Ugh. I lived in Kansas once (Ft. Leavenworth). Would not care to visit again. Good luck!

  2. Good Luck and say hello to Dorothy for me;-)

  3. Oh man...*sniff sniff* I will miss you!


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