Monday, October 10, 2011

JoJo Is A Rock Star!

Hello my Dear Friend... I’m glad you’re here, come get comfy and let me fill your cup... I’ve got much to chat about as I went out with the Swiffers this past Friday night and let me tell you, it is never a dull moment when a group of MILFs are out on the town...  
Upon entering the hidden little smoke filled pub, little did I know that Patsy’s is a top 10 in South OC... A top 10?  How exciting and of course I wore my best lipstick as this is something right up my alley... a top 10... DIVE BAR!  lol  Who knew?  Well, we’ll give it a try and stay for a bit, we could always go somewhere else if the urge strikes.
JoJo greeted us with the biggest set of... uh... I mean... she had the biggest smile with a great big personality to go with, yep, that’s what I meant!  Dr. R ordered up the food with JoJo while the rest of us sipped on our drinks and took in the sites.  Hmmm... shamrocks and His Self?  OH, there’s the Her Self!  
An Irish Pub?  Really?  Like there’s dancing here!  Where’s the dance floor?... on top of the pool tables?  Besides which, I’m not doing the River Dance and clogs definitely are not in my wardrobe!  Come on gurlz, let’s get out of here!
Oh my, when a group of MILFs get up and are ready to leave, you should see the hup two of the staff making room for the soon to be dance floor... meaning, kick out the dinner patrons, move the tables and chairs, and voila!  A dance floor!  Now that’s more like it... so now where is this DJ person?  I’m ready to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...
A few drinks later and... heck, I’m feeling like I’m at the Ritz!  No need to go anywhere, JoJo is keeping our cups full of Kettle Orange and tonic (yummy) and the DJ is playing, I’m sexy and I know it... I just adore LMFAO!  Dancing wasn’t the only thing that kept this group entertained... let’s talk about the conversations...
  • What?  You bought an EPT and a bottle of wine?
  • No silly, it’s a divorce party!
  • If you don’t want to look like an ex-stripper at 60, don’t go that big!
  • Oooh, so soft... I just wanna touch you!
  • No, we’re lesbians.
  • Do you have a hard on?
  • Who are all these people, and why are they here?
I LOVE my Swiffers!  What a fabulous time and I can’t wait for the next!  So Darling, when’s your next Mommys’ Night Out?  Soon I hope, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta! 


  1. That is so funny!! I can't believe you went to a Patsy's... Dive Bar is right! But it sounds like you ladies made the most of it.

    Love that picture you chose-- it's hilarious!!


    Being married to a Leprechaun I have a love for Irish bars. Being Irish myself its nice to fit in somewhere with incredible drinking abilities!

    Your comment was so sweet :) Thanks for coming over to
    I hope you enjoyed it...

    I think I need to go potty now since I peed my pants...

  3. I'm thinkin I sooo need a girl's night out. I miss Phoenix for those nights ...always good fun! Muwah!

  4. Hello my Dear AOCM, YOU should go with us next time! I bet I could help you make the dive bar feel like the Ritz... lol xoxo

    Denise Darling, thanks for stopping by... now go change your undies! lol xoxo

    Hello Wendy Darling, I KNOW we'd have a laugh if we went out together! At least we don't have to go through the backdoor... lol xoxo

  5. *Sigh* You just reminded me of all the reasons why I look forward to our mom's nights out. One of my favorite memories was when the manager of the Outback Steakhouse we went to gave us a bunch of free appetizers saying,"This is for the hot mommies!"... and then we proceeded to talk about the not-so-ins and outs of married life... near other patrons. I'm sure he was happy when we finally left.
    Visiting from California Bloggy Moms. Stop by my page anytime!

  6. wow! i really love your blog i found you on mommybags's blog and i am now following you just love how your so real like i am if u would like to follow me back feel free :) I am from North Orange County i think we have a couple things in common i look forward on swapping out some great stories!

  7. Brittany Darling, you never go out because you're JUNO!!! lol Blowing kisses Sweetness... xoxo

    Welcome my Dear SSMom! Thanks for sharing your Outback story, lol, we Mommys really know how to get the crowd going... lol Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

    SO Happy you stopped by Theresa Darling... WELCOME! Cups Up! xoxo

  8. Hooray for GNO! We must be on similar scheds when it comes to these much needed nights out... one day we'll b sure to run into each other. I will be on the lookout for a group of MILFs and some kick ass lipstick. ;)

  9. OMG - I wanna go out with you and your friends! You were cracking my ass up! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. I'm following you for sure! :)

  10. Oh my Ana Darling, what great fun we would have... xoxo

    Welcome Mommy 2Cents! As you'll find out, it is NEVER a dull moment when stopping by for a visit... always chatting about lipstick, or butt crack, or MILFs... lol Blowing kisses Lovey... xoxo

  11. Ohh, how I long for a Girls' Night! It's been far too long. So long, in fact, that I'm having trouble recalling just when the last time was. Free time is just not in my daily vocab these days... so I will just have to live vicariously by ready your posts!! More! More!

  12. Now, now Melissa Darling, all good things come to those who wait... whoever said that didn't know how impatient I am! lol Thanks for stopping by... xoxo


Hello Darling,

Have you seen the latest collection of lipstick colors?? Oooooh, I can't help myself! Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

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