Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do Those Inbreeding Savages Wear Lipstick?

Hello my Darling Friend... Absolutely thrilled that you are here!  Make yourself comfortable and let me fill your cup...
Being the fabulous Caffe that I am, I am constantly invited to participate in the many social circles in and around the online world such as groups in the blogger networks, like  one of my FAVs, BSN... Twitter, and my newest online mystery... Triberr.  What fun my Dear and how exciting to be a part of this ever changing, 24 hour chit chat party... Coffee refills for all! 
Being a blogger takes lots of work and time consuming dedication.... time that I don’t always have... BUT, I am always willing to try the latest and greatest, especially in the social circles and figure out how to use all these marvelous tools that are here at my disposal.  Good idea, right?  
Someone told me that Twitter would be such a lovely place for me.  I can tweet my newest shade of lipstick to all who would follow me.  How divine!  Where do I sign up?
 Once I signed up, I started tweeting to my hearts content... ummm, yeah, not so sure about the new lingo or what the rules are.  Who are these people anyway?  OH, a message?  How do I find it?  Follow who?  And now be a part of your Tribe?  Another invite?  How wonderful!  I’m such a celebrity!  Huh?  Join Triberr?  I thought it was Twitter... am I missing something here?
Well of course I’ll accept your invite to Triberr!  Wait a sec... inbreeding? and what? Bones?  Eeeeew!  Really?  Wait a second, hold on... S... O... S... HELP!!
Overload... Overload... Overload...
So at this point, I’ve deleted my Twitter, left the bon fire of Triberr and went to my favorite place to buy peanut butter!  I’ve decided that I like being a celebrity... but on my own terms and with the right shade of lipstick on my lips...
Did I say, “lipstick?”  Oooh, that’s my cue to shoo you out of here and head on over to the nearest cosmetic aisle...  Until next time my Dear... Ta Ta!


  1. Lol! So true! All this social media gives me a headache and makes me feel schitzophrenic. Just hit delete and sigh a big sigh of relief! =)

  2. I know I joined Triberr and it is somewhat overwhelming and surprisingly full of drama.

  3. I barely facebook... I don't know if I could handle twitter or triberr???

  4. I was thinking about joining twitter but someone already has my username :(

  5. I sooo hear you. There is just too much. I'm still resisting Pinterest, although I hear it is wonderful ...and addictive, which is why I'm resisting.

  6. Hilarious post!! I think you understand Twitter quite well. Besides, when you can write so well, why limit yourself to 140 characters?

  7. You mean I'm not the only one Brittany Darling? lol xoxo

    My Dear Mrs., I think we like to work with bottle openers more than Twitter? lol xoxo

    Thank you for stopping by Sara Darling... we should of felt the drama over the heat of the bon fire... HA! xoxo

    KSK Darling, if you're not facebooking, you must have a real life! lol xoxo

    Hello my Dear Wendy, trust me on this, it's a good thing that someone has your name! Besides which, as a homeschool Mommy you don't have time... blowing kisses... xoxo

    Hello Michael A Darling, step away from the Pinterest!!! lol xoxo

    Very true my Dear AOCM! I like the way you think! You must be a kick-ass shade of red type of gal... xoxo

  8. oh noo Caff, come back to twitter!!!

    I haven't even looked at tribbr, sometimes too much social networking is too much...but twitter is a nice way to connect. Your witty posts would be such a hit. I hope you come back! Let me know if you do, I would follow you.

  9. You're too funny!!! I gave up on Twitter...never knew wheen I was tweating, tweaking or touting! lol

  10. Twitter on and off
    Just joined Tribber I have no idea wtf I am doing
    Pinetrest ahhh duh I feel so stupid
    Too much...tooo much - Pop that was my brain exploding

  11. When it comes to me and yet another social media outlet...apathy wins every time.

  12. LOLOLOL! OMG you sound like me about a month and a half ago!! I was the same way, girl! Basically all I did with Triberr when invited to join a tribe is just that. I joined. I don't ever even go on the site or do anything with bones (I didn't get that either, nor did I take the time for figure it out). All I know is that every time I post it gets tweeted out by all my "tribe members". Be careful though, word on the street is that some people detest Triberr and find it highly annoying; therefore, blocking it. I don't know... it doesn't bother me.

    1. I agree...That's basicially what I use Triberr for....I know my blog will feed into my Tribes stream and they TWEET and I receive traffic.

      Don't know too much about bones...Barely understand how to invite people to join my TRIBE lol

  13. HJ Darling! So NICE that I'm wanted! lol xoxo

    CandiR my Dear, that's how I felt! Thanks for stopping by Darling... xoxo

    Here MB my Dear, I've got some glue to put that pretty head of yours back together again... lo xoxo

    Hello VV Darling, but I was excited! Not so much anymore... xoxo

    So happy Mommy2 that I'm not the only one laughing at myself! Blowing kisses... xoxo

  14. I think I stopped by Tribber but I was a bit lost so I left. With Twitter and Facebook I auto-post my blog posts so I have to do very little work besides that it takes way too much time for me to post on Twitter or Facebook every time I pick up a coffee or get a new pair of shoes ;) so I stick with my blog and BSN of course oh and my newest favorite Pinterest- that you may like have you tried it?

  15. Well Hello Em Darling, Pinterest? I'll think I'd rather look in my lipstick drawer instead... lol... xoxo

  16. You are right quite hilarious but true blog in regards to too much social media. I can't keep up with them all.

    Sassy Shoe Gal

  17. I am agree with you, and twitter is best for it.


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