Monday, October 3, 2011

Lick, Salt... And The Backdoor?

Hello my Dear Friend... Wonderful to have you here!  I’ve got a new blend to fill your cup today... I think I’ll brew this blend every so often when I’m feeling... nostalgic.  
Now what are you filling my cup up with this time Caffe?  
Well Darling, the pre Hubby/Kids Caffe had many, many mischievous escapades and quite honestly, I have no idea how I got away with my many antics and live to tell about it!  Sooooo... I’m sharing with you Darling... these highly sensitive, top secret, naughty, naughty, tales from the past known as, The Caffe Capers! 
Oh how I longed to be the magical age of ((21))... I was always the young one in the group and even though I had been living on my own for more than several years, to my lovely eyes, ((21)) was the key to true grown up freedom.  Oh, alright Darling, the freedom to drink to my hearts content and do it legally!  
Isn’t it funny how we think something is so important and then we kind of... sort of... grow up and our priorities change?  Except of course my lipstick habits... bright red, mauve, pretty pinks... I can’t believe I did it again... I’ve mentioned the word ‘lipstick’ and I forgot what I was talking about!  Caffe, get it together!
Where was I?  OH, slipping in through the backdoor... no... wait a minute, ah, here we go... licking the top of my hand I was prepared, so that when the back door opened and the known stamped hand extended toward me, we would do the hand kiss and hopefully the stamp would transfer...  Okay, you seem confused, and I think I got ahead of myself??
We didn’t talk about sneaking in through the backdoor?  OH, I guess we have now... lol 
Did I do it?  Did I stealthily get into places that I couldn’t get my pretty little self in through the front door because I wasn’t quite ((21))?  Oh Darling, I am Caffe after all!  Oh come on, don’t roll your eyes... you would have done it too!  It was adventurous!  The thrill of possibly being caught and the victory of being inside...  What?  I knew I wasn’t the only one stealing my way in through the backdoor! 
Well my Darling Friend, this pot of ‘Caffe Capers’ is empty... but don’t worry, I have lots in the pantry of my mind... Maybe next time we’ll chat about bar room brawls and the MILFs who start them... Until next time... Ta Ta!


  1. Mommy bags get your mind out of the gutter....that whole back door thing...ok all better :0)

  2. Yeah...the title of this post made me think I was going to read about a tequila body shot gone horribly wrong.

    Thank goodness it was just about sneaking into bars! Whew!

  3. ok i'll admit caffee I was thinking the other meaning of back door as well ...teehee. Caffee I think you and I could have some very fun conversations over coffee!We have some very similar stories

  4. My Dearest MB, Brittany, and Wendy... You Gurlz are SO naughty! Get your minds out of the gutter and what on earth were you thinking? LOL LOL You know I love a little controversy!!! Blowing kisses... xoxo

  5. What the? You're a genius! This would have done me no good considering I didnt' take up drinking until I was 22. Don't worry, I've been making up for lost time since.

  6. I never thought of that! But I must say it is very clever. Can't wait to hear more stories from the past :-)

  7. LOVE it : ) You are so funny!! BTW my mind was not in the gutter (that I will admit to anyway) hehehe!!

  8. Was that when you were doing your mission VV Darling? lol xoxo

    Thanks for stopping by my Dear Michael A... ready for a bar room brawl tale? xoxo

    Melissa my Darling!!!! Welcome, welcome and thank you for stopping by... xoxo

  9. Great story! I loves it! I was just talking to my younger co-worker bestie today and she said, "I bet you were a lot of fun before." (meaning pre hubby and baby) I like to pretend I'm still just as fun...but nothing beats those stories from the magical age of "21" Lol

  10. Hello Mrs. Darling,
    I bet YOU have some good tales to tell... lol Blowing kisses Lovey! xoxo

  11. Hilarious... in our little college town, we had to try to slip ON wrist braclets & scrub OFF the huge black X's they put on the back of our hands. Fun times, fun times! Smooches! xx

  12. LOL! I forgot about those wrist bands that ripped the skin right off! Thanks for the reminder MBC Darling... xoxo


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