Saturday, July 30, 2011

Caffeinated OC Mommy is Coolest of the Cool!

Hello my Dear Friend... Happy to have you here! Let me fill your cup while you come and sit down as I’ve got some exciting news to share... I have been awarded yet again for my fabulousness from my Darling Friend Dawn (Most of you know her as Vapid Vixen or as I lovingly call her, VV) over at the Ginja Ninja. She’s a single hottie looking for love in Utah and needs a man that can cook! She’s never shared this with me personally, but after witnessing some of her kitchen disasters (in the form of several photos) and reading about her online dating experiences (oh, poooor Dear), I thought I’d help my Gal out... So if you know of a Prince Charming (or Bobby Flay) living somewhere in Utah, send them to VV!

Now, as with all awards there are rules. Okay, you know me and rules... rules schmules! Let’s have some fun with this and make up the rules as we go... oh yes! I LIKE this idea!

#1- Link the person back who awarded you and make sure you write how HOT they are
#2- Share 5 of your favorite 80’s bands
#3- Answer the following questions below
#4- Pass this award on to 10 of the coolest blogs you know as this is the Butterfly Award and saved for the coolest of the cool

Favorite 80’s Bands
1.  Oingo Boingo
2. The Cure
3. Men at Work
4. Bow Wow Wow
5. Def Leopard

Are you an awesome blogger?
You bet!
Are you a hottie?
Why yes I am!
Are you fabulous?

Okay Darling, now for the passing of the award. I’ve changed my mind about how I want to do this... I’ve decided that if you want this “coolest blog award” and you’re reading my stuff, you must be cool already! So instead of me choosing, how about you tell me how fabulous you are, then kindly thank me and grab your award and display it proudly on your blog and tell all your readers that Caffeinated OC Mommy is HOT! 

Oh yeah Baby, Caffe ROCKS! Hmmm, do you think I had a bit more caffeine than normal? Yes, yes I have... cut me off and unplug the pot... Until next time Lovey, Ta Ta and Congratulations on your award... stay as cool as I know you are!


  1. Ooo I like your version of the award MUCH better. Rules schmules indeed!

  2. You're in THIRD place!!! Keep it up! :)

  3. Hello VV Darling, so glad you like the new version of the award rules... except one thing... what happened to my usually 'will tell me all about it' readers and now they've become shy? Goodness, I might have to call them by name so they'll accept this cool award... I'll think about it over my glass of Stoli Elit... Cups Up! xoxo P.S. Thanks for voting Lovey!

  4. Well between your Caffeine awesomeness and my Royalty I believe we have ti all covered don't you!!
    Voting for ya woman oh yes i am

  5. Hello LB, nice to have you here lovey! Thanks for voting and did you pick up an award? Cups Up! xoxo

  6. Lindy Darling, PLEASE take your award... hugs to you and I will take your advice and rock my way over to the mirror to fix my lipstick... xoxo

  7. Geez, you Galz are gonna make me work this award thing aren't you? lol Cups Up! xoxo

  8. You're awesome! Except, I can't fathom why you have Def Leopard all the way down at number 5! They used to be my ultimate favorite band.

    And I am extra fabulous. Thank you for my lovely award!

  9. Hello GGM Darling! I guess I should of reversed the numbers? I was thinking that 5 is really 1 and 1 is really 5... you know, as my youngest would say, "It's opposite day Mom."
    And YOU my Dear are the first one to acknowledge this cool award because you're SO cool and extra fabulous! But I know all about you and your confession page... lol Cups Up! xoxo


Hello Darling,

Have you seen the latest collection of lipstick colors?? Oooooh, I can't help myself! Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

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