Monday, July 11, 2011

The Floozy Fix- LMAO Blogs & The Women Behind Them

Welcome, welcome... So nice to have you here my Darling!  I’ve brewed a fresh pot of 'How to make a Floozy Happy'... so sit down and while you’re at it grab a kleenex ... I don’t want anything shooting out of your nose... Miranda... 
Now that it’s out in the open that I’m an out-and-out Blog Floozy, I thought you might want to know where my rendezvous have been taking place and where I’ve been playfully commenting.  My favorite blogs are the ones that make me laugh out loud and I’m usually not wearing waterproof mascara and by the time I’m done reading, I’m just a mess, but I guess raccoon eyes are much better than those that need to squeeze their legs tightly to keep their pant-ie..s.. oh, you know where I’m going with this and besides, I’m going off track and boy, what a lonnnnggg sentence for such an easy explanation!!  ...and BREATHE... 
You’ve noticed the name Miranda up above.  I know your name is not Miranda (unless it’s you Miranda reading right now), but you have to know the reason I wrote the name Miranda.  Miranda is the mind behind, Frantic Ravings of a Mother, and  has a section on her blog called, “How To: Shoot Coffee Through Your Nose.”  Okay, I’ll bite...  This Mommy talks about her daily adventures  raising her 3 boys and the chaos that ensues.  Yes Darling, we’ve all seen these blogs before, but Miranda’s posts really aren’t supposed to be funny when it is happening.  Not funny for her, but definitely funny to me because I’m not the one cleaning up pee all over the bathroom or sounding off the house alarm by pressing the panic button. Hopefully at the end of her day, after she sucks down a bottle of bourbon, Miranda will find the humor and realize that one day, she’ll be able to have her grown boys read her blog and they will know exactly why their Mommy drinks like a fish and cusses like a sailor.
The next stop on my addictive quest for a good laugh, or at minimum a huge smile, is GGM’s place.  That’s my loving nickname for her, most know her as Janae, or the title of her blog, Diaries of a Grumpy Grateful Mom.  She is a Mommy of 4, a Mormon, and extremely addicting to read.  I had to put Mormon in there because she has taught me that Mormons go to church for 3 hours on Sundays and if you are anywhere for 3 hours with 4 kids in tow,  you can imagine the antsy, mind wandering and sometimes small child getting away tales that she has to offer.  When I see “church” in her post title as I’m going through my Google Reading List, I know that there will be a funny post waiting for me to read.
My most recent victim find and I’m SO delighted that I found her so I can stalk leave flirty little comments and hopefully she’ll love me the way I love her is Dawn over at The Ginja Ninja.  Just her profile name, Vapid Vixen, makes me feel like I’ve known her for a very long time and even though the definition is boring, quarrelsome woman, it actually sounds much more sexier without the true dictionary meaning and honestly, I haven’t found her to be boring at all.  On the contrary, this new member of Club Divorce is funny, and makes me laugh at all her single gal dilemmas such as how come she doesn’t look like a Victoria Secret’s model when she orders their products and an in depth look into the world of online dating that exposes me to a topic that I've only seen on TV commercials but now I find hilarious because I actually know (well, I’m still in the flirting stage) someone who’s tried it.  She is the single gal that you want to cheer for and hope that one day she'll find her Prince Charming and a happily, ever after.

So there you have it my Dear Friend, my LMAO blog(s) fix for this addicted Floozy in bright crimson lipstick.  Well, the pot is empty yet again, I'll brew more the next time you come for a visit.  I need to go now and fix my lipstick and powder my nose... always trying to look my best when flirting...  Ta Ta for now, and have a Happy Day my Lovely! 

P.S. I forgot to mention, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you'll see blogs that I like to flirt with.  I haven't figured out how to put these buttons on a separate page, if you know how to do that, I'd love to learn.  xoxo


  1. I love all those blogs:-) Anything that makes me giggle and is highly inappropriate!

  2. Loves it! I can always use a good LOL blog!

  3. YOU my friend are composed of Amazing and Awesomesauce. I just came to your page to grab your badge to add you to my blog roll and saw my name in huge letters...and I am SOOOOO glad that I wasn't drinking. It would have been ALL over my computer screen. You. Crack. Me. Up. And thank you for the shout out, love. You have made a tired woman VERY happy today. You're about to join the How To: Page. Preparate!

  4. I second what Miranda said...only minus the "glad I wasnt drinking" part. But it's my first glass. I swear! And a good thing too cause I had to squeeze my legs together, not from laughing but from peeing myself in excitement. I know it's only Monday but this has been the highlight of my week. Thank you!!!!

  5. I definitely know Grumpy Grateful Mom's blog, and she is SO entertaining! Great choice!

  6. Hellooo my Darlings & Dears!

    Andrea Dear, we have so much in common we must be twins! xoxo

    Sweet Ana, a good laugh is especially nice, make sure you wear waterproof mascara! xoxo

    Miranda & VV, you Darlings make my heart palpitate! xoxo

    Welcome my Dear BV! So nice to have you here... Cups Up! xoxo

  7. Oh Yea!!! I am touched that you have a loving nickname for me. Though I am not feeling so funny this week, more grumpy.

    Your site cracks me up-I never know what I'm going to get! And yes, I do pea when I laugh hysterically, but only a little bit. That's normal, right?

  8. Now your only one away from 100 :) Saw your post on blogaholic and now following you. I look forward to your amusing posts! You can find me at

  9. GGM Darling... grumpy or funny, I'm grateful for YOU! Cups Up! xoxo

    Thank, thank you, FWV! Now following you as well... xoxo

  10. Hi Caffe...

    I put my blog buttons on a separate page or under one of my tabs at the top by going under "Design" and then "Add a Gadget" to the top of the page - I guess where you have your current tabs. Pick the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget.

    Then I made a page under "Posting" - click on "Edit Pages" and then "New Page", then add the different sites' button codes. When you're done you click on "Publish Page" and then click on "No Gadget" and then "Save & Publish".

    And Voila! Or at least I think it should work...good luck and thanks for flirting with me!


  11. Jill Darling, you're a blogger encyclopedia! I'm going to try your tips just as soon as I powder my nose... xoxo


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