Friday, May 6, 2011

The Stupid Choices Moms Make

It’s so nice to see you again, I’ve been expecting you! I’ve just made a fresh pot of controversy and I hope it’s not too strong for you, we could always add a little sugar to your cup...

Today’s post is all about those Mommys who make stupid choices or maybe it’s more about lack of common sense when making a decision. Are they the same thing? It’s hard to tell the difference between making a bad decision based on insufficient knowledge and making a bad decision because of ignorance. They look the same, they act the same, so should we treat them the same? Hmmm...

I think if we are able to figure out the difference between the two, we would be willing to forgive those that aren’t current with all the latest news and maybe just ignore those that are just plain stupid. Either way, we should help these poor, misguided Moms by smiling kindly so that they won’t feel so awkward!

Let’s get started with the comparison shall we?

Topic: Mommy gets to go to a monthly get together with her girlfriends. It’s an “all out” girl’s night that she looks forward to every month. This month her husband goes on a business trip at the last second and tells her that he’s sorry, couldn’t be helped. There’s nobody that will watch the kids at the last second. She decides...

Choice #1- Hey! There’s a PlayMates down the street, they close at 11pm! I’ll pick them up before they close after I’ve had my many cocktails with my friends. Yes, that’s what I’ll do! On my way to party time! Yippee!!!

Choice #2- My oldest child, he’s 10, knows how to dial my cell phone and call 911. The kids can look after each other, it’s only a few hours, what’s the harm?

Oh dear, this can be quite tricky! How to tell stupidity from lack of knowledge? It really does look the same! Maybe we should try another comparison as this last one was quite difficult!

Topic: Mommy is tired of hearing her 16 year old daughter complain that she is not pretty enough and if only her nose was just a wee bit smaller, that would make all the difference in the world. Mommy decides to...

Choice #1- Oh what the heck, let’s go to the plastic surgeon’s office and change my daughter’s nose. If it’ll make her happy, then at least she’ll stop complaining!

Choice #2- Tell her daughter to stop complaining and suggest going to Victoria’s Secret, and buy a push up miracle bra then no one will notice her nose!

Can you tell the difference between stupid and lack of knowledge? I am having the most difficult time deciphering between the two, and this is taking much longer than I had anticipated! Between the both of us, we drank the whole pot of controversy and I need to brew more. We haven’t even touched on the Moms who make these types of decisions and that’s the fun part! Well, I guess we’ll leave it at that for now. Maybe it’s a good thing that we didn’t start dishing out names about certain Moms, as it is the Friday before Mother’s Day.

So with that, Happy Mother’s Day to you. Come back again and I know we’ll have much to chat about with our next visit. Ta Ta for now!


  1. You make me smile big and wide, Caffeinated OC Mommy! The only thing that makes me stop laughing is the realization that there actually are nutty moms out there who make bad decisions regarding their kids. (Nutty Dads, too.)

    I so enjoy reading your posts!

  2. I Love your Blog! You really make me laugh. Is that picture for real? You would have to be out of your mind!

  3. Another OC Mom, I'm so happy you stopped by. Now stop drooling from the stupidity and finish your cup! I'll pour you another the next time you come. With extra sugar. xoxo

  4. LHM, laughter is the best form of stress relief! Especially when the laughter is about other people's ignorance. But this is where compassion is important... we must laugh quietly! Cups up! : ) xoxo

    P.S. Well I didn't photo shop that picture...


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