Monday, May 16, 2011

Caffeinated OC Mommy Chooses LMAO Blog Post of the Week

Well Hello! I’m so glad you’ve come back as I’m feeling much more composed since our last visit together. I don’t know what gets into me when I see another parent being a complete idiot when it comes to raising their children, well, enough about that... Sit down, I’ve made a fresh pot of something different today. As much as this Mommy loves controversy, I just as much adore a good cup of laughter! Not just any old cup of laughter, but a good hardy, laugh out loud, tummy hurting, almost wet my panties kind of laughter. It’s good for us as long as it doesn’t ruin our make-up! So let me fill your cup with some laughter, and I’ll tell you all about the blogs I’ve been reading that have been making me giggle.

I have been perusing around the Blogsphere, getting lost and enjoying so many creative Mommy blogs that sometimes I think I need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind. Goodness, someone get me a roadmap so I can find my way back to the blogs that made me laugh! I’ve come across a few posts that had me howling out loud with tears running down my face and next thing you know my children were running out of the woodworks to see what all the commotion was about. I tried to explain the growing penis joke, but all it did was confuse them more... oh come on, you’re getting to know me by now... I’m just kidding! I am a proper OC Mommy after all, but I do enjoy a bit of mischief! I’m going off topic, gotta stay focused or I’ll never get to the posts that made me laugh.

I just found Bernie over at One Mixed Bag, this woman is a RIOT! She had me rolling on the floor laughing when she couldn’t find her bra. Believe me Bernie, I know you’re not the only one, mine did happen to be found at the foot of the bed, around the corner and underneath! Bernie, your post, “Where’s My Bra?” is Caffeinated OC Mommy’s choice for the LMAO Blog post of the week! Thanks for the chuckles!

Oh yes, now let’s get to the growing penis post shall we? Sarah Q. over at Sparkles and Fairy Tales said it best, “Oh my God!! I’m growing a penis!!” Just that sentence alone had my jaw dropping and then as I read on, I was in hysterics as I could see myself saying something like that in the middle of Target. “Things You Shouldn’t Shriek In Public” is Caffeinated OC Mommy’s choice for the LMAO Blog post Honorable Mention.

And the last category for this week; Funny Picture or Cartoon goes to Karen at Karen’s Healthy Lifestyle! She shares a Reader’s Digest cartoon titled, “You Had To Blog About It!” It put a big smile on my face.

My goodness, I need to powder my nose and fix my hair as I have been having too much fun playing Award Show Hostess with the Mostess! Come back again and we’ll chat over a nice cup of... hmmmm, maybe I’ll just surprise you! Until next time, Ta Ta! xoxo

P.S. If you have read or seen something on someone’s blog that made you laugh out loud, please send me the link at If I fall off my chair giggling, I’ll post it here so we can all have a good LMAO moment!


  1. *adding some Baily's to my coffee*
    Whooo Whooo!! Thank you so much for sharing my post!! I'm glad that I made you laugh.
    I would like to thank my husband, my bra, our pets......
    It looks like you are sharing a bunch of fun posts. I can't wait to stop by and read the other funny gals as well.

  2. Bailey's? Ooooh, I just LOVE Bailey's and coffee! My cup is up to ya Bernie!

  3. I love it when my personal humiliation is used to make the world laugh. Especially when it has to do with penises. :) Ha.

  4. "Things You Shouldn't Shriek in Public" is priceless. Love it!!

  5. You are a riot! Thanks for mentioning the cartoon blog post I have up. I can't wait to see what else you find. I'm off to visit some blogs!

  6. great post....always looking for something to make me laugh

  7. Although I would love to nominate my own post "I have a "BONER" to pick with my husband" ( would just not be right. (Like how I shamelessly plugged myself anyway? Sneaky huh!) Anyway I do want to really nominate someone. I came across this great post this week which I will feature this Sunday on my own version of your award show (But I am much cheaper and go without the little titles.HA Oh and I too featured Bernie and her BRA story on my wrap up so I know we gotta have the same kind of whacked out sense of humor!) It is over at Autism Herd and is called: Haunted by Hummus and other interesting tales of WOE! Read it you will laugh.

  8. Oh my! I've stepped out for a bit to pick up more controversy, and look at all these guests! How wonderful, the more the better the controversy I always say!

    Sarah Q., keep mentioning the word penis in your blog and we'll be sure to follow! xoxo

    I have to agree with you AOCM, PRICELESS! xoxo

    Thanks for stopping by Karen. Cups Up! xoxo

    I'm glad you laughed Plee, and I see that YOU have some words of wisdom about parenting posted on your blog and as soon as I fix my lipstick I'll be stopping by. xoxo

    Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, LOVE your shamelessness!!! Will be by soon my dear, as we have MUCH in common! xoxo

  9. I found you on and read for about 45 minutes. Good stuff! LOVED the blog on the mom who gave her kid botox. Ah ... I love a good, snarky blog in the evening! Thank you! Kate from

  10. My dear CupKate, meeeeee? Snarky? LOL, I need to refresh my lipstick after that compliment! xoxo


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