Monday, May 9, 2011

The Importance of a Mommys' Night Out and Why YOU Should Attend

Well, Hello, hello... hugs and kisses to you too! I’m SO happy that you’ve come back to visit. It’s been a few days and I have soooo much to tell you! I played Bridge with the gals on Friday night and my goodness, it’s never a dull moment. Yes, yes, sit down and let me pour you a fresh cup...

I know, totally know that you come to see me because I always brew strong controversy! I mean, these poor, unknowing Moms of the OC , they need me! Who else will speak truth when all others hide? The truth always comes out with a few glasses of Sherry (No, it’s not a her) and much truth was spoken at the Friday night bridge gathering.

Today’s freshly brewed controversy is all about the importance of a Mommys' night out and why YOU need to participate. So the next time someone invites you to a “Book Club”, a “Bridge Game”, “Bunco”, don’t be fooled by the code name and GO!

Excitement was in the air Friday night as soon as my pretty little head went through the front door of the gathering. The sounds of whispers and giggles were amongst hidden shadows of the Mommys I’ll affectionately call, Swiffers. The Bridge game that was supposed to start years ago, was still running behind, but the Swiffers really didn’t seem to mind as their glasses were filled yet again with more Sherry. The conversations became more passionate with each sip on the glass and the vibrations of the 808 bump permeated the air, waiting for the first Swiffer to sway back and forth to the rhythm of the beat.

Wait a second, I’m getting carried away! I’m here to tell you why you need to participate in a Mommys' night out, not lure you in by the previous details of the REAL DEAL, non-scripted, housewives of OC! So we’ll start with...

Reason #1- There are no children! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, but every so often we need to let loose, be with our friends and act like a fool if we want to and feel good about it! Release all inhibitions and tie blinders over your normally judgmental eyes. Feeling sexy and naughty around your friends is empowering and gives you that bit of spark in your everyday life to get you through the days until your next Mommy get together. Trust me, the husband LOVES when you behave a wee bit naughty!

Reason #2- Instant Therapy. With at least a half dozen other Mommys in the room, someone always has great advice or has experienced what ever it is that’s on your mind. Need advice on a teenager? Someone has it and will describe in detail about the time that they found a condom in the pocket of a pair of shorts. Going through a divorce? The gals are ready and waiting to give you a big, fat hug, agree with you that your soon to be ex-husband is a first class jackass and refill your glass with more Sherry. The neighbor down the street has it in for you? The gals will say, “What a f@c&#ng b%*ch! Which house is it? I know, let’s TP it!” Gotta love my gals!

And Reason #3- Theme Parties! I mean, Bridge theme parties. Nothing bonds the Swiffers like a good theme. 70’s, Back in Black, Street Walker, Halloween, are just some of the creative ways to have a Bridge night gathering. Who says dress up is just for the kids?

Now does that sound like your Grandmother’s Friday night out? Ahhhh, well, maybe it was, but we’ll never know as we were not allowed to go! Only Grandma knows what went on behind the closed doors of all these so called “Knitting Circles!” Maybe that’s why Grandma always had a twinkle in her eyes.

Oh my, time flies whenever I’m with you. My cup is empty, I’ll need to brew more controversy for next time. Now don’t forget our conversation... Make sure you say, “Yes” the next time someone invites you to a “Book Club.” And for goodness sakes, don’t be a prude and chicken out! You will never know how free you will feel after a good Mommys' night out if you don’t go. So GO! Tell me all about it the next time we chat! Until next time, Ta Ta!


  1. In vino veritas! Between the caffeine and the sherry, I think you've struck gold with this blog. : D

  2. I really love your blog:D It's truly my favorite:D. I love your cups of controversy! Keep them coming. Happy blogging:O

  3. Thank you for visiting me AOCM & LHM! I'm SO thrilled that you really like ME! Come back again and tell me all about your next big Mommys' night out, with details... xoxo

  4. Thanks for stopping by to visit. I didn't know people even played Bridge anymore. I learned something new today.
    Sounds like a fun time. The themes are a hoot. Oh, the fun I could have with that.

  5. Oh Bernie, I have to admit that I'm looking forward to the next theme party! Rumor has it, that it includes fishnet stockings! To die for! I'll be checking in on you as I just LMAO with what you post! You Sassy Lady You! xoxo

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you did because you def put an instant smile on my face. Maybe I'm just a caffiene addict, but you have me hooked.

  7. Instant smiles is what I do best here Dev! Come back for a visit and we'll discuss Grandmas and knitting circles, do you think they had a theme night? Cups up my dear! xoxo

  8. Instant smiling at your post. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Big Hugs!

  9. Why thank you Katherine! A big hug right back at you, with some kisses... xoxo

  10. Thank you for visiting me Moam at

    I have to say a big YES on the mom's nights out!! They do help, even the ones were we get carried away on coffee alone ;) looking forward to more from you!

  11. New follower from Blog Frog!

    LOVE me a good Mom's night out. I'm not a I have become known as the DD for some of my girlfriends, but even the non alcoholic nights are a blast. It's always fun to let loose and have fun without worrying about a kid needing a snack or a bum wiped!

  12. Thank you for your 'yes' votes MommyOAM & YIB! I'm trying to convince some of those tightly wound Mommys to go and enjoy a MNO, because a Happy Mommy makes for a Happy Family. xoxo

  13. I agree, I love my book club and they asked me to join for a while before I hesitantly said yes!!

  14. Lady G3, thanks for stopping by! I'll be by your place just as soon as I fix my lipstick... xoxo


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