Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yoo Hoooo! MILFy! Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!

Well Hello my Dear Friend... I am delighted that you’re here to visit!  What?  Where’ve I been? I have been busy picking myself up out of the New Years blues!  Can you believe it?  Little ole me has been feeling like... like... A NON-MILF!!  No, not you Caffe!  Yes, yes, ME!  Come make yourself comfortable, let me fill your cup and fill you in...
It all started with this dreaded cold I got the day before Thanksgiving, yes, I still cooked  a FABulous meal and looked divine doing it, but I was definitely moving in slow motion all day long... all week long... all through December long...
I’ve had this stupid runny nose thing for how long now?  When was Turkey Day again?
 Then Christmas Day came and brought me a new gift, no, not a collection of the hottest shades of lip color... a twitch in and around my left eye.  Ummmm, okay... I’ve had this type of thing happen before, it’s temporary, lasting, mmm... about 5 minutes... 2 weeks later, I now have a twitchy eye, a runny nose, and now within the past week, my normally beautiful, healthy skin has decided to ITCH like no tomorrow!  At any time, on any place of my body, the urge to scratch has been driving me to drink more Eagle Rare!  What the heck is going on??? 
I’m not feeling very MILFy like, and my imagination has gotten the better of me!  I’ve envisioned people staring at me and my twitch, and in my oh, so, creative mind, the twitch becomes one of those neck jerker type twitches and then the spontaneity of an aggressive itch calls my name from a deep location within my arm pit while at the same time I’m wiping my nose on the sleeve of my blouse!  Eeeeeeeeeww!  This is all to much for a MILF named Caffe!
So needless to say, my MILF morale is not in proper working order.  
I got tired of feeling this way and the other day I made up my mind that enough was enough already... I want my sassy self back and decided to get myself busy and kick this feeling in the ass!  

So I have been doing just that... I got on my spin bike and blasted some 808 bump into my earbuds for 40 minutes, then went to the salon and got my hair did... 3 days of spinning and a shiny new do, the twitch is gone, the itching has slowed down, my nose is back in order and once again, I’m feeling like a HOT MILF for all those Husbands to look at!!!
Oooh, I am feeling much better thank yooou!  
So here’s to kicking ass, maybe it’s a sign of the year to come... oh boy, LOOK OUT WORLD, Caffe is IN the HOUSE!!  Until next time my Darling Friend, TA TA!


  1. Seems like the holidays this year was rough on EVERYONE!!!

    Glad to see you back to your old MILFY self!Yesterday I was feeling extremely feminine and even though I still didn't break out the lipstick I DID break out the light pink eyeshadow for just a hint of girliness!

  2. LOL...OMG, my side hurts!

    I'm totally jealous, I can't seem to find my inner MILF anywhere, dang nab it!

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. So glad you're feeling like your Milfy self again!

  4. Soooo happy you are feeling your MILFY-self again!! Blues are only good for one thing...coloring the sky or ocean!! ;) Hope that 2012 is a ROCKIN' New Year for us all!!!

  5. Pssst, I gave your fabulous blog a little ole award…
    Check out my latest post to see how to claim it!! xoxo


  6. I am sure, even with a runny nose and twitchy eye, that you're always a MILF! Still, good for you on making yourself feel better! I had a twitchy eye, last year, that lasted three months... hasn't bothered me since, but that was just weird. Stress!! I love your approach for dealing with it.

  7. Good for you and welcome back! Glad you're back to the milfy you we all know and love!!!

  8. Welcome back darling. I to feel MILFier when working out and have been kicking it the gym for the last 2 weeks. I am glad your feeling better. Maybe a new Chanel shade of lipstick goodness can pep you up even more MWAH

  9. This does NOT sound like fun. So sorry you have been sick and tired! Hope you are back to your old self soon!

  10. That's right Caffe! You kick that feeling in the ass! You are MILF-taculous! ;) xoxo

  11. Welcome back MILFtastic you! I feel your pain with the runny nose. I've been dealing with that nastiness for a month now. Glad you're feeling better. :)


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