Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lip Balm on Sandpaper... I Don't Think So!

Hello my Darling Friend... I’m SO pleased that you are here!  Make yourself comfy and let me fill your cup...  Today’s blend is a fine blend of, ‘You’re boring.  You’re bland.  Umm, not sure how many ways to say... “It taste like cardboard!”
Caffe!  How rude!  Yes my Dear, I know that the cold, hard truth, can sometimes be... well... freezing!  Let me explain before you send out the cavalry...
I help a FABulous Mommy who has created a blogging social network called, Blogaholic.  Yes Darling, I’m on the admin team and I’m the hostess with the mostess greeting new members and answering whatever questions they have that I have NO IDEA what the answer is.  I’m a mini celeb there, and so naturally I get questions like these... 
Hi Caffeinated, 
because you have such a wonderful blog and you seem to have a lot of followers, will you stop by my blog and let me know what you think?  Thanks!  
Or this...  
Hi OC Mommy,
I was wondering, how do you get people to comment? I’ve had my blog for awhile now and I leave comments on other blogs, but it seems like no matter what I try I don’t have more comments or followers.  Any advice?
Why yes... yes I do have some advice... try not writing!  CAFFE!!!  WHAT??  Am I  SOoo wrong?  Save these poor souls from wasting their time!  Not all bloggers can write, some are excellent readers.  And not all bloggers have a good sense of design, just look at their sense of fashion in the photos they display for all to see!  Put the two together... it’s like wearing blue eyeshadow with a bright red lipstick... it’s just not pretty!
Oh, alright... I’m not that blunt when giving my opinion, but to give them pointers is quite, well... er... ummm... like putting lip balm on a piece of sandpaper!  Sandpaper will not soften no matter how much lip balm is used and it’s a very messy procedure...
So what do you tell them Caffe?  I ask them if they love it.  If they love it, then who am I to give advice?  But just in case they want more of a critique, I do have... drumroll please...
Caffe’s 3 Cs for Blogging...
1) Content- I know Darling, this is a bit obvious... but honestly, sometimes when I visit a new blog, the content is all over the place or it has none!  These blogs need a purpose, or not... if that’s what’s for breakfast... but if that’s the case, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to the blog owner that there’s not a whole lot of activity going on.  Good writing is what attracts a reader and keeps them coming back for more!

2) Keep it Clean!-  And I’m not talking about the writing itself... I’m talking about all the clutter in the side bars.  What a junk yard!  Blogs with a million widgets and pop up ads muddle my lipstick and drive me to click on the escape button ASAP!!  And if there are side bars on both sides of the actual post with this kind of hodgepodge... Eeeekkk... run away... run away... 

3) Consistency- Exactly!  You my Dear Friend, know that when you visit moi,  you receive a warm greeting each and every time you visit.  You also know that I’ll fill your cup with a few giggles, some complaining, and I’ll almost always find a way to add lipstick to my posts.  True?  True!  Even if the posts are random, the blog format for the most part, should remain consistent. 

Okay my Darling, my cup is empty and I need to go and powder my nose... I need to look absolutely gorgeous for my admiring fans... Huh?  Boring?  You?  Never my Dear Friend, besides... you have meee to keep you on your toes!  Until next time my non-boring friend... Ta Ta! 


  1. Great post...I like your idea about some people being better readers than writers...I believe that content is always first. I don't want to read junk, so I try not to write it. Sometimes it works out ok!

    1. OH?? This reply button is NEW! How wonderful Darling... I can reply to each and everyone of you! Hmmm... I'd better figure this out first... and YOU my Dear Jenn are my guinea pig! But a very cute one... lol xoxo

      P.S. You don't ever write junk my Dear!

  2. OK how so does a friggin post about smiling baby get more comments than a actual post about people thinking I am a bitch...Come on now Caffe...lol. I just think some people get it and some don't

    1. HA! I LOVE this reply button!

      Okay, back to your comment Darling... What?? Your bitch post isn't in the Top 5??? What up with that? lol THEY don't get it like WE get it... xoxo

  3. Interesting post...things to think on...and so true, some people are just better readers...lol.

    1. Reply button, reply button... I'm having sooo much fun with this new reply button!

      Thanks for stopping by my Dear Kim, I'm a bit excited and distracted by this new reply button! lol xoxo

  4. LOL...I love it! Yeah, I've totally stopped commenting on blogs that never reply, I may still read them, but they'll never know!

    And I think I keep my blog consistent. I think...

    Luv to your coffee and lipstick!

    1. Did you know about this new reply button?? I'm in the dark ages Darling! Let's here it for the new reply button!! Whoot woot!

      Sorry my Dear Sharon, I get excited over little things, little tubes of lipstick... little bottles of perfume... little blue boxes from Tiffany's... xoxo

  5. Good advice! When I first started blogging I had a hard time hitting the "follow" button on many blogs that are out there because of all the issues you just mentioned. I'm glad you are honest with them..but oh yes, in a kind way :-)

    When I read the title of this blog piece, I thought you were going to review a sugar lip scrub! Because that's exactly what it feels like! Sandpaper AND Lip Balm!

    1. Michael A Darling... how lovely of you to visit! I AM kind, right? hee hee hee
      A lip scrub? OOOh, how divine, except I haven't found a good one yet... maybe someone will send me one... xoxo

  6. Well Hello Darling!
    So nice of you to stop by... I don't think people REALLY pay attention to my tips, they ought to though... lol xoxo P.S. Thanks for the follow...

  7. Blue eyeshadow with a bright red lipstick... have you been stalking me?

  8. Well said! I'll come check out your new hot spot too!

  9. Replies
    1. Ooooh! I'll GLADLY take those kisses Darling! xoxo


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