Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RUN!!! Caffe Had A FULL Pot!

Hello hello my Dear Friend... Welcome and it’s such a pleasure to have you here!  How’s everything going for you?  Good I expect, as the beginning of the New Year is always a hopeful time.  Speaking of hopeful, I’m hoping to see better parenting skills over the next 11 months... Uh oh, I think we’re about to find out how much caffeine Caffe’s been drinking!
Ah yes, the New Year... out with the old... in with the new or renewed Mommy Lessons that all have forgotten in the past and need to be reminded about once again!  I’ve got a strong blend today that will make most Mommys cringe with the uncomfortable feeling that their panties are in a tight wad!

 Yes Darling, I know that you’ve mastered these lessons, but I’ve been noticing on a daily basis how lazy and downright ignorant parenting has become!  So forward this lesson on to those who need a little reminder of what good parenting is all about.  Let’s get started...
First of all, this is a huge lesson... so we’ll have to take this in small, manageable increments, one topic at a time, to fully grasp why each subject is so important.  There is not one that is more important than the other, they all intermingle when it comes to being a good Mommy.
Topic #1-  Stop letting media dictate the environment of your household.  YOU are the Mommy of your house, keep your environment the way you want your children to be nurtured.   
Did you get that?  Media- AKA... (1)shut the friggin’ TV off!! (2)not all radio station are appropriate, change the channel! (3)magazine covers are NOT for all eyes!
(1)shut the friggin’ TV off!!- Okay, pretty self explanatory, but I have to remind Mommys that TV is just not the same as it was in the past.  TV was a friendlier place with news that was actually tactful and didn’t show everything and  sitcoms actually had some morals to it.  I mean, yes, of course it was fiction, but I’d much prefer the way relations worked on shows such as Family Ties, The Cosby Show, even Friends over the inept social/family behaviors of the Kardashians, The Jersey Shore, or one of those Housewives Shows.  Period.  
The Kardashians or shows that are similar, make one feel... well, that it’s okay to have no values, to be deceitful, that it’s all about the money.  Is that really the behavior that a good Mommy wants to emulate or have her children be a part of?  I think not, and media really puts it in your face to make a buck and everyone seems to be buying it, even the new Mommys.  Turn it off and put on some Vivaldi.
(2)not all radio station are appropriate, change the channel!- There are songs on the radio that would drop your Granny’s jaw to the ground!  Songs today talk freely about smoking weed, tonight I’m bleeping you (like you can’t tell what the bleep is!), strippers on a pole, touch my bleep, whips and chains, run faster than my bullet... is this really what we want our children to hear?  I don’t have a problem with these songs when I’m in the car alone, but when it’s on a top rated radio station that anybody can click on the switch, even your 6 year old... then that’s a problem as these lyrics aren’t meant for them!  Good Mommys pay attention and are aware of lyrics to popular songs on the radio.  You think you’re kids aren’t listening?  Think again and change the channel!
(3)magazine covers are NOT for all eyes!- Please, for the love of bright, bold lipstick... do not leave gossip magazines all over the coffee table for your little ones to see!  Do you really want your little Monkey gazing at the images and taking in scandalous photos with big, colorful text... SNOOKIE CAUGHT IN SEX VIDEO TAPE WITH HER 2 ROOMATES!... well, not sure if that was a real headline, but it could be!  

Pay attention to what’s in plain view to your children.  Do they really need to be exposed to such negativity and think later on in their lives that this kind of smut is the norm?  Sheesh, I hope not!
Our children are our future.  Help them succeed in becoming caring adults by keeping your household environment gentle, genuine, and kind... isn’t that one of the many goals of good parenting?
My cup is empty and I’ll be brewing up another blend of ‘Mommy Lessons’ in the very near future.  So in the meanwhile, tell me Darling, how do you deal with negative media?  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta!


  1. Love! Love! And Love some more!!!!

  2. Love THIS!!!! As always you're right on the mark caffe! Part of the reason we have children is to raise them into responsible,loving adults! It's hard to do with all the media out there today but it's possible.

    Living in the frat house it's hard to censor everything(especially having a 12 year old boy who emulates his older cousins.)But we def talk about what's appropriate and what's not for their ages!Constant communication.

  3. EXCELLENT post!! TV is most definitely not as friendly as it used to be and you are so right about all the dysfunctional people showcased on it, these days.

    Please post more Mommy Lessons! : )

  4. Well said Caffe! We rarely watch any sitcoms in our home anymore... not only are there few that are Chitlin appropriate... but the Mr. seems to be addicted to Antique Roadshow anyway lol xoxo ;)

  5. Hello Andrea Darling!
    Love, love, LOVE that you stopped by... xoxo

    My Dear Wendy,
    I ABSOLUTELY agree... communication is key! Now if more Mommys learn how to talk with their kids, not at their kids, the parenting barometer here at COCM will go up! xoxo

    Hello Darling AOCM,
    More Mommy Lessons... coming right up! Blowing kisses my Dear... xoxo

    Antique Road Show?? LMAO! The Chitlan will be a future "picker" with her own show! Thanks for stopping by Darling... xoxo

  6. Great post.

    Though my kids see lots of inappropriate stuff. They sometimes watch Family Guy. Enough said.

    I know. Shame on me.

  7. You're speaking my truth! The whole thing is upsetting. And even more so when they're not your kids (I'm only the girlfriend) and their mom says certain things are okay. A rock and a hard place I'll tell ya. Thanks for the post!

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  9. I couldn't agree more! I turned on the TV one night after the boys had gone to sleep, and it happened to still be on one of their channels from earlier in the day. It was a kids channel and I totally heard them say "ass"! It was probably about 9pm, but it is still a kids channel! The TV is NOT a babysitter!!!

  10. Can we also include not teaching your little ones to swear? Using a baby voice doesn't make it any more acceptable either.

    Random but my friend and I went to the MAC counter last night to pick out a lipstick each. Thought of you!

  11. Fabulous post, as usual!! And so very, very true!!! I even hide my Women's Health mag most moths because they love to have some "sex" talk going on in there & I figure he'll find out about all of that soon enough!! Maybe some would call me overprotective, but I prefer to be the fountain of information for my child, not the media, in any way, shape or form.


Hello Darling,

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