Sunday, August 14, 2011

Me?? Again?? I'm SOoo Fabulous!

Hello my Dear Friend... Come on in and let me pour you a nice cup of, ‘It’s good to be me and I’m so very thankful.’
Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to tell you how extremely busy this past week has been!  From the final week of the Top 25 contest that ended on Thursday, the big social event on Friday night that I needed to be extra MILFy on my Hubby’s arm, a dual Swiffer birthday party Saturday night and family visiting from out of town.... PHEW... I need to get to the spa!  
Just when I thought I would be able to catch my breath...wham!... I get awarded the Versatile Blogger Award, not once, but twice within a 24 hour period!  I am completely honored that more and more of my fellow bloggers recognize how truly wonderful I am, but what to do about these awards when I have already received it from my Darling Lindy over at Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense?
Blog Awards are an honor and it is something I don’t take lightly... I mean after all, another blogger recognizes my fabulous self and rightly so, they want to honor me.  So with any award I receive I will do what I do best... change the rules!
Because I have already received this award, the new rules are that I am exempt from passing it on and all the rules that go with... EXCEPT giving a thank you to those who have passed it on to me.  So if you get the chance, please visit these Dear Mommys who obviously have excellent taste when it comes to choosing... Moi! 
The first thank you goes to my Dear... Ciao Mama’s over at Mommy Bags....   And one more thanks to Jennifer over at mamawolfe.  Thanks Darlings for thinking of me!  xoxo
My cup is empty and I need to shoo you off so I can recoup and take a much needed spa relaxation break from this week's hectic schedule... so off you go... Until next time my Darling... Ta Ta!


  1. congratulations on your versatility...oh, and for being milfy :)

  2. SHAZAM sista!!!
    You Royally Rock but then again you of course already knew that didn't you@!!!

  3. Welcome Karen Darling and thanks for the kind words... xoxo

    Of course my Dear LB! Cups Up to both of us as I saw that beautiful award sitting on your side bar... xoxo

  4. Congrats on being awarded twice! Following you from the Give a Hoot hop. Would love if you would stop by =)

  5. Welcome my Dear Trisha, Thanks for the follow and I'll stop by your place just as soon as I fix my lipstick... xoxo

  6. Congrats on the win! Thanks thanks for stopping by my blog...following you back :)

  7. You're welcome-you deserve it!


Hello Darling,

Have you seen the latest collection of lipstick colors?? Oooooh, I can't help myself! Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

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