Monday, June 6, 2011

Shameless Flaunting & the Bloggers Who LOVE Me!

Hello my dear Friend. Happy to see you again! Come on in and let me fill your cup...

I need to get this out in the open as I have been a very naughty girl! This past week I’ve been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award! How wonderful and I absolutely deserve it and Char over at The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom thinks so too as she is the Stylish Blogger who recognizes my savvy style and my oh so clever ways with lipstick. Then a few days later, The Versatile Blogger Award came my way and Lindy over at Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense thinks I’m absolutely AWESOME, of course she does as Lindy and I are like minded!

Now for my naughty girl confession... I didn’t follow any of the rules that come along with accepting these awards. They’re my awards and I can do whatever I want with them, rules shmules! Then the devil and angel on my shoulder started arguing and the next thing you know, the angel swept the devil’s leg and put the sucker into a headlock! A few minutes later, my conscience is bothering me and now I’m ‘fessing up. Why, oh why must I be so perfect in every way? My goodness, I’m feeling a bit frazzled and I need to touch up my makeup!

The traditions of these awards are very similar. I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you didn’t know and then I’m supposed to link who gave it to me and then pass the award on to 7, 10, or 15 (depending on whose rules you’re looking at) blogs that I think is most fab and let them know. Then you’re supposed to check out my discoveries and hopefully make a new friend. PHEW!!!! This receiving an award business is hard work, I’d much prefer that my next award be a nice shade of mauve for my lips!

So here we go...

  1. I’m a gorgeous brunette
  2. My oldest child is 13
  3. Today my favorite lipstick is Estee Lauder in Tiramisu
  4. I love watching the birds playing in the fountain in my backyard
  5. I got carded twice in the past 3 months with the response of, “I would of never guessed that!” It made my day and now I’m a forever loyal customer.
  6. I live in South Orange County on the beachside of the 5 freeway, yes, it makes a difference, and nowhere near Coto De Caza (Coto is inland out in the boonies not at all close to the beach) where those supposed TV Housewives live.
  7. I am a homeschool Mommy

Okay, not so bad, my lipstick is still on... now I need to decide on some blogs, OH MY, I’ve got 2 awards to give away!!! How am I going to this? Of course I can do this, I’ll do it my way as I am quite capable and not easily deterred.

I’ve made three categories for these awards...

  1. For some of you, this is your first award... Congratulations as you deserve to be in the spotlight and show off your pure Diva-ness! Because there are 2 awards, choose the one that looks best on your blog and display it proudly!
  2. There are those of you who already have one of these fabulous awards, grab the other and know you are QUEEN!
  3. The last category is for those of you that already have both. What? Yes, you’re receiving both awards from me to remind you that you are still as fabulous as the first time you received these awards. Do nothing and just enjoy basking in the glory of your continuing success!

In no particular order, these blogs made me smile, got me thinking, or just made me laugh out loud. Please visit these blogs and let them know that I’ve sent you.

  1. Not So Silent Mommy
  2. Mommy Inconsistent
  3. The Zany Housewife
  4. One Mixed Bag
  5. Bring Mommy the Vodka
  6. The Frantic Ravings of a Mother
  7. The Suburban Princess Diaries
  8. Karen's Healthy Lifestyle
  9. Organic Enchilada
  10. Fork Fabrikationz
Well now, my cup is empty and I need to fix my lipstick. I'm feeling much better now that the little angel on my shoulder has stopped kicking me! Come back again and I'll fix you a nice cup of warm controversy. Ta Ta! xoxo


  1. Aww,, Thanks so much! Is this bribery so that I keep sending my readers your way?? LOL!! I'm gonna grab the Sylish Blogger award, simply because I'm really not that Versatile and well, the other award will look much better on my site!!
    Thanks again!! Can't wait to keep reading. You make my day!

  2. You are AMAZING! Thanks so much for the shout out!! The only awards that I ever got were the "most improved awards", which are actually embarrassments instead. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!! Yay! I found the other half of my wedding ring that I thought was in Thing 2's stomach, and now an award?! TODAY IS AWESOME!

  3. Thank you so much dahling! :) I love Organic Enchilada and can't wait to check out the other blogs mentioned above.

  4. Thank you so very much. I'm honored. I would like to thank.......*lol*
    Looking forward to going over your list and peeking at the other gals.

  5. Wow, my first award! Didn't even know there was such a thing! Thanks so much, Dahlink! You've made me smile too. We have our love for java in common as well as I was born in Southern California (The Valley) and also lived in Huntington Beach for a time. In Canada now, but visit my best friend in OC when I can. I can't see that you have a button to grab because I'd love to put you on my blog roll.
    Well, thanks again...gonna go make a cuppa now!
    ~ Jill

  6. NSSM, ME? Bribe YOU? HA! lol Now if you can get me that mauve lipstick... xoxo

    Miranda, I'm SO delighted that your day is going well and Thing 2 has an empty tummy! xoxo

    Zany, YOU rock! xoxo

    Bernie, I can't ever forget the first woman who made me wet my panties lol... xoxo

    Jill, Canada is too cold for me. But I wonder if I were to put a little Baileys in my cup... hmmmm... xoxo

  7. congrats on the awards, dahling! It was nice to read your list, I feel like I know you a bit better now :) I didn't realize you homeschool! We're like twinsies now...kindof, sortof...

    My kids had classes out at Star Ranch which is next to Coto de Caza and yeah, it was way in the heck out there, I did not appreciate the drive.

  8. HJ, We are twinsies just as soon as I find you a good lipstick! Starr Ranch? You really are close to me... xoxo

  9. Thank you so much!!! It's my first award! I have an amazing acceptance speech planned for later this week. You are fabulous!

  10. Sarah Darling, with a name like Bring Mommy the Vodka, I know there will be much laughter! Now, I have to go to the salon as I need to look perfect when I attend your acceptance speech ceremony... xoxo

  11. Caffe,

    sorry I confused you, I live more in central OC- north of you, not near Starr Ranch. Starr Ranch was way the heck out -drive for me. And yes, I still need a good lipstick!

  12. Thank you for the honor... Forgive my tardy response. I've lost my mojo and spend a great deal of time every day trying to find it. Maybe if I cleaned up a little... Anywho - can't wait to read more from you! Get busy!

  13. HJ, Confusion for me is only in the brightly colored cosmetic section of Target! Actually, dizzying is a better word for me! Starr Ranch is quite far for me as well. To far in fact as I like to stay close to the beach.

    A good lipstick... hmmm... oh yes, I recommend this brand to those that are not sure of color, it doesn't last very long but it looks good and feels wonderful when you apply it and it doesn't cost you an arm or your first child! Boots No.7 Sheer Temptation Lipsticks. You can find it at Target and it comes in a range of colors that are flattering on most every skin tone. Let me know how you like it... xoxo

    P.S. No, I'm not being paid for this advertisement, I should be and if you know anyone that would like to compensate me for my wealth of knowledge, send them my way... ; )

  14. Bethany, you've made a lot of ice cream sandwiches for your baby's birthday, try looking for your mojo in the freezer! So happy you found your way over here... Cups Up! xoxo

  15. Wow, thanks for thinking of me! I'll grab the Stylish Blogger Award, as I've gotten the Versatile Blogger Award in the past. I'm REALLY honored that you thought of me. Thanks again!

  16. It is A LOT of work accepting these awards. Good for you!

    New follower from bloggymoms...


  17. Karen, I was wondering where you were! I had to track you down back to your place and I got my answer. Hope you're doing fab Dear and of course I thought of you, you inspire me! xoxo

  18. Thank you Babymama! I'll stop by your place as soon as I powder my nose... xoxo

  19. Yep, I disappeared for a bit, but I'm back for good now. I'm working on my acceptance speech, er... post, now. Thanks for being inspired by me! LOL

  20. Congrats on your award and to all the recipients to passed the award on to. Following you via weekend blog hop. I am following you blog every way I can. Stop by my blog and follow however you like.

  21. Welcome Patricia! Thanks for the follow and I will stop by your place just as soon as I fix my lipstick... xoxo

  22. Thanks for the awards lady! I love them!

  23. TSP Darling, I know you've received them before... but I just had to remind you how great you are! xoxo


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