Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Sucks Harder Than a Tornado!

Oh no you don't!  Don't you dare put me in that... that.... why there's no room for my shoe collection!  


  1. You're hilarious! Enjoy. I'll trade you for my junk-filled mini-van. :)

  2. GGM Darling, I have to give you a big... fat... NO! xoxo

    Ms. CEO Dear, no need for envy... the first night in this thing we had a thunderstorm watch and a windspeed of about 40 mph. Sleep went out the window along with my sanity... Good thing for bourbon! Cups Up! xoxo

    TSP, I'm glad I can make you laugh... I need to powder my nose, just as soon as I can find my compact... xoxo

  3. You could strap them to the roof of that thing.


Hello Darling,

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