Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommys... Draw the Line!

Welcome and Hello my Darling Friend... I’m always so delighted when you come for a visit.  Come sit, make yourself comfy... and let me fill your cup...
I’ve always been up front, no beating around the bush for this lipstick loving fiend!  Even my Mommy Lessons have offended many as I do not shy away from speaking up.  But please know, my intentions are to encourage and remind Mommys that we are in it together, to learn from each other and to help those that need a little extra guidance.
This blog has never gone down the political path as I know that everyone has the right to their opinions and that’s what makes our country so great.  I have never taken a Right or Left stance here at Caffeinated OC Mommy, but I AM gonna start taking a stand on something that I believe in with all my heart, our children.  They are our future.
Since posting about lead in lipsticks and toxic chemicals found in industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble, I’ve been researching and learning more and more each day how screwed up big corporations are and how messed up industries of all types really are... it’s about their pocketbooks and their bottom line, they don’t care about our health or the health of our children.  How very UNAmerican.  
As Mommys, where do we draw the line?  Do we let these big boxes tell us what to buy?  Do we let them keep poisoning our children because we won’t demand that these companies make products that are safe?  It’s not just the personal care products that we trusted that are harmful, it’s also the food industry, our education system, and the stupid politicians that want to let these industries keep doing what they do... how can we as Mommys let these foolish people do this to our kids and their future?  
I’m mad as hell... and you should be too.  I will be posting about the changes that I’ll be making in my household as often as I can, updating you on my quest to keep my family (and yours) healthy. 
My cup is empty... my heart is heavy, I will take a stand for our children, and I hope you will stand by my side.  Kisses to you my Dear Dear Friend... Ta Ta!  


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    1. Gee Darling, I wish there was a Like button... xoxo

  2. They never have it is all about the bottom line and how much these so called "caring" companies can turn a buck. That is why I try and buy as many wood toys from smaller local companies for my daughter. You would not believe the lead counts on some of the plastic crap that is being sold at places like Toy R Us. Don't get me wrong I still have some of the plastic crap toys laying around but I am slowly getting rid of it piece by piece. Stay strong sista!

  3. I think that's a great idea- to post the shit that's out there and what to stay away from.

    1. My Dear Dani,
      My poor Littlest, she gets stuck with on an errand that should take 10 minutes, but now I'm reading every friggin label and it takes me an hour! I'll make sure to update... Thanks for stopping by... xoxo

  4. We are very cautious about what we bring into our home and we should stand up for our children and love you for drawing that line! Xxooxxoo

  5. It has been too long since I posted anything! We are frightened with what is being put into our products and our food! You need to seriously consider starting a garden of your own and grow most of your own fruits and vegetables!


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