Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Caffe and Politics = Smudged Lipstick

Well Hello hello my Darling Friend... I am sooo delighted that you stopped by for a visit!  Come and make yourself comfortable... I've got a fresh blend of, 'Caffe Does Politics' to fill your cup...

Oh no no no... not politics Caffe!  Yes my Dear, politics!  I have always been on the up and up with you Darling, and well... I know we can chat and be respectful of each other's views, that's what grown ups do, it's called tolerance.  And you have lots of tolerance my Dear, I know, because you still adore me even when I run away in the middle of a post to go buy more lipstick!

With the Presidential Election right around the corner, I feel that it is my lipstick duty to put a couple of views out there in front of your lovely eyes.  It's neither Right or Left, Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat... it's about being an American Woman.

This election for me is ultimately about who will let me make my own decisions about MY gorgeous body.  I am not interested in the government or anyone for that matter making decisions and deciding for me how I should take care of my health!  These men... MEN... who don't have a menstrual cycle, who don't get pregnant, who barely know how contraceptives work are making decisions for ME!!!!  Hmmmph...

I am absolutely livid about the controversy that has surrounded the whole Senator Akin's interview and footage from other politicians that have come out since... I don't care how many apologies have been said, if someone talks about ridiculous nonsense, it makes me wonder what other views they hold in their tiny little mind!  

I cannot stress enough how important it is to vote in the upcoming election.  This upcoming election is about women and our right to choose what is best for ourselves...  And don't we want that for our daughters?  Our granddaughters?

I'm feeling quite muddled and my lipstick is smudged all over my cup!  I'm gonna touch up my lips Darling and hopefully that will soothe my frazzled nerves.  Remember, it's not about the political parties, it's about who is going to stand up for the American Woman.  Until next time my Dear Friend... TaTa!  


  1. I vote but I never talk politics....I have learned it is better that way...smooches

    1. Hello MB Darling, I must have been wearing my kick ass shade of RED when writing this... lol xoxo

  2. Well said! And why is my reproductive health being discussed as a political issue? Isn't that between me and my Dr.?!?

    1. Hello my Dear epb... thank you for stopping by and I think many would agree with your comment. I do... xoxo

  3. Being from Canada, we watch these elections as over hyped commercials. It's all about the vote, so I am hoping all the people watching, talking, yelling, etc are getting up off their butts and actually voting.


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