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Mommy Lessons From An ILF... A Guest Post

Hello my Darling Friend... Have I got a treat for you!  Come make yourself comfortable and get ready for a fresh brew, and I mean fresh as in fresh perspective, fresh attitude, fresh, fresh, fresh and did I mention fresh? to fill your cup...
I found my Dear Friend Cherie over at BSN as the title of her post caught my eye... I, Cherie Jamison, Do Not Like Children.  How could I not check out what this ILF (you like that?  She’s not a Mommy so you know Darling... I took off the M.  It’s only fitting...) is talking about?  Why would she write such a thing?  As I started to read her post the light bulb went on and it was as bright as my brightest shade of pink lipstick.  What I read, made me SO proud of her!  She’s already doing Mommy Lessons and doesn’t even realize it!  She’ll be a good Mommy one day... 

Howdy y'all. My name is Cherie Jamison and I hail from Pink-Nightmare.Com. I'm just a snarky college student trying to avoid the pitfalls that tend to be mandatory for adulthood. I'm not a mommy blogger, mostly because I feel like kids would cramp my style. That's not to say that kids aren't great.. for some people. Motherhood has certainly not cramped the style of Caffeinated OC Mommy, who has so graciously allowed me to guest post my own reasons for why kids just simply aren't for me. 

Anyone who is a mother or father may want to clobber me for this, but hear me out before the witch hunt begins. 

I used to love babies and small children. When I was in elementary and early middle school, I loved volunteering at church to work in the nursery. I loved playing with my nieces when they still lived in town. I could play with them all day, every day, and I still wouldn't be sick of them.

But over the past couple of years, something changed. Now, other than my nieces (who are older except for one), I really can’t stand to be around children. Which begs the question of why I decided to do nursery work again for my Christian service*.

I’ve developed a pretty solid hypothesis about why it is that I suddenly do not like children. It is composed of two parts: A) I’ve somehow lost the ability to put up with crap (both figuratively and literally) and B) it’s not the kids – it’s the parents.

A. I've somehow lost the ability to put up with crap.

I’m not a patient person. At all. I’m pretty sure I used to be a patient person, but somewhere within the last five or six years, that all went out the window. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that my job at Pizza Hut has made me bitter toward all of mankind and thus I am no longer programmed to deal with annoyances.

And let’s face it. Small children are full of annoyances. Sure, they are cute when they are laughing or learning to talk or saying the darnedest thing, but they also love to scream, kick, throw fits, and are pretty much constantly set to ‘play’ mode.

I just can’t do it anymore.

B. It’s not the kids – it’s the parents.

I really think parents today play a bit role in my inability to watch a child without popping three Excedrin. Back in my day, parents disciplined their children and actually put in the effort required to teach their kids right from wrong, how to use the “big boy” toilet, etc.

I was potty-trained by the time I turned two years old. Now, it’s totally not uncommon for kids three and four years old to still be poo-pooing and pee-peeing in Luvs.

The problem with parents today is that most of them put their own busy schedules ahead of advancing their children. Kids don’t know how to behave. Parents are too lazy to put in the time necessary to discipline. When I misbehaved, I knew that I would get a good old fashioned whippin’. 

If parents aren’t comfortable with physical discipline, then there are myriad of other options. But when you just threaten to spank or to take away the computer, kids catch on to the game. You actually have to have follow through. A ten minute time out does no good when you let the kid up after three minutes because you don’t want to deal with it.

The result of no discipline is what I see on a regular basis today – kids running around with absolutely no respect. At Pizza Hut, we’ll have kids come in and play with the displays, try to run behind the counters, scream, etc. Would I have gotten away with that in my day? Hell to the no. 

So, in conclusion, I’m pretty sure I’m not a terrible person. I’m pretty sure that outside factors contribute to why I really can’t stand children. But unfortunately for me, I have a good forty hours of watching little ones to deal with this upcoming semester. Lord help me, please.

* = Christian service is a required 20 hours of volunteer work than I have to do for school. Being a private, Christian university, they can subject me to such torture. It’s supposed to make you a more well-rounded person, but it just makes me bitter and angry. Reverse effect.

So there you have it... a fresh perspective from a future MILF.  Leave her a comment and let her know that there really are good Mommys in the world and that you’re one of them.  And if you’re so inclined to check out her blog, Pink Nightmare, she’ll give you a new view on what the 20 somethings think about life... sometimes we have to step out of our own cozy little bubble to see how others view the world we share. 

Remember, we’re all in this together to make a better tomorrow and a better Mommy... Until next time my Sweet... Ta Ta!


  1. Hi Cherie!

    oh yeah, I get it- I agree with B) I wrote a whole post about how teaching Sunday School was driving me to drink, and yes, it is the parents. I do have patience, and I do understand differences in family styles and I do allow for slips of manners/immaturaty, childishness, tiredness, etc...but when faced with a roomful of 4th/5th graders being disrespectful to adults- something is so wrong there, they are too old to act like that!

    you go, girl! Kids are nice, but so much easier to deal with when they are you own ;)

  2. Love this post! Let me tell you this hits right to the point. I get crap all the time on how rough I am on my daughter with the discipline and you know what Butt OUT. What I chose to do with my daughter I choose to do and this is too make her a better person. Their is NO discipline that is why kids are friggin nuts now a days. What I hate is that I take the time to set my kid straight and when she is out she sees other kids behave like crap so she thinks that gives her the green light to misbehave. Well that shit is not happening in this house. We do it ol' school here and if you don't like it you can get to steppin' . Time out works if you use it right but sometimes you need to use the spanking method it hurts me to do it but sometimes it needs to be done! Peace

    1. I've thought that. If I ever DO have kids, I certainly will raise them with the discipline to know how to behave. I don't care if it looks like I'm being "tough" on them -- because I know from experience that makes you a more well-rounded person.

      Plus, I think there's a difference between being a hard ass and being fair. I won't be hard on them for the SAKE of being hard on them, but rather to teach them out to act in society.

      But that "if I have kids" is certainly a HUGE if.

  3. She will absolutely be a Fabulous MILF one day!

  4. I absolutely agree with her!It's not the kids as much as the parents and there is no discipline. When I moved in with my boyfriend his daughters had no idea what standing in a corner was or even how to speak nicely because well their dad didn't want to push them. Ummm I reminded him that it's our responsibility to raise our children into adequate adults.

    I also cannot stand parents that decide they just don't want to be parents anymore and are going to chase their dreams instead....after parenthood if you can't juggle being a mommy and chasing your dreams I'm sorry those particular dreams may be put on hold for awhile(I know I've had to do that)It isn't a bad thing. Who knows you may even find you have different dreams then you ever realized. Do not put your children to the side though. I'm raising two girls whose mom has just up and left so she can become an actress...and I'm still supposed to have respect for her....yeah right

    1. Yep. Once you're a parent, you're in it for life. I don't think a lot of parents realize that having kids is a HARD JOB and not just some fantasy dream of a perfect family.

      That's why I'm for sure waiting until my glory days (so to speak) are behind me before I have kids (*IF* I have kids -- unlikely).

  5. As a preschool teacher, I totally agree with B. Yes, there are still good parents out there (like all of us, of course!) but this generation of parents does seem to be afraid to discipline. The child runs the household and it is painful obvious when they come to preschool, and have no idea how to follow rules. Don't worry, we teach them :-)

  6. Great post! As parents, my hubby and I DO follow through with our parenting technique and not just sit back to watch the Kid Show as some parents do.

    I used to love kids, too… until I taught preschool for a year. I think I was more shocked at the atrocious parenting than anything else. I couldn't get out of that job soon enough and I was a parent, myself. I didn't have any problems with my own child, but it was incredible how poorly so many of the kids in class were being raised. No boundaries! It was a sort of mayhem with kids being horrible role models of behavior for each other. (And kids love to imitate each other.)

    My whole experience didn't lead me to drink. It lead me to homeschooling.

  7. Preach on sister!! I'm in my 40's and never had kids. As I have been aging, ungracefully I might add, kids get on my nerves. What I used to find amusing and sweet now makes me want to stab myself.

    1. I'm finding those little things annoying now and I'm only 22! :) We'll see how I feel when I settle down.. but I might take the route you took!

  8. I admit that I love my children but honestly, mine are enough for me. I too have a child in private school so I know what it is like being forced to volunteer. Trust me if I had the choice I would not spend my time with other peoples kids.

  9. Hello Darlings!

    Isn't Cherie just adorable?? Thanks for commenting and letting her know that there ARE GOOD Mommys still around, you just have to look a little harder... Cups Up! to each and every one of you... xoxo

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys! And thanks again to Caffeinated OC Mommy for allowing me to grace her gorgeous blog with my presence and opinions! :)


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