Monday, August 12, 2013

Double Trouble

Hello HELLO my Darling Darling Friend!!  Why YES!  I'm feeling a bit doubley... you know, like when I buy lipsticks... double the pleasure double the fun?  Caffe!  Where have you been and what are you talking about?  It's Meeeeeee!  The MILF!  And I feel FABulous!  So much so that I have to do everything at least twice!  Huh?  Yes, okay, I will talk in MILFspeak so that you can clearly understand my intentions when I say that I need another lipstick... another lipstick?  See?  I had to say lipstick twice... Come sit and let me fill your cup with a nice blend of, 'Catch Up to Caffe!'

LOL!!  Darling, I've missed you and I know that you've missed me too!  I mean, who's gonna tell you about all those back to school antics that comes with such brainless characters like the neighbor down the street who lets her kid.... ummm... well, are YOU my neighbor?  Well, I best not chat about that quite yet... and then there's that time that the TP got stuck high in the tooooo tall tree that I told my Swiffer Gal Pal to not... uhhhh... what was I saying?  I dunno, some kids in the neighborhood or something like that.. *ahem*  Lipstick!  Yes, yes... lipsticks is what I do best!  Let's talk about lipsticks and the best way to apply it to the bathroom mirror when leaving a sexy message for your ever beloved... Oooooooh, that sounds like a gooooood idea!

Oh my goodness!  I am all over the place!  I'm just soooo excited to chat with you my Dear, I think I need to switch to decaf and come back when the caffeine has exited my bloodstream just a bit... I can't control myself, so I'll exit gracefully now and head to the nearest lipstick aisle and after I've bought a dozen few new lipsticks, I'll come back, settle down, and we'll have a lovely little chat about, well, moi!  Until next time my Darling Friend... when I get back from my buying spree... Ta Ta!   xoxo
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