Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Red... HOT... Romance...

Hello helloooooo my Darling Friend!  It's that FABulous time of the year when I run to the store and buy myself a brand new RED lipstick for this lovey dovey special occasion!  And this lovey dovey occasion is a bit SPICIE! 

With a little wink and a wee bit of charm, has graciously let moi be a guest writer... and guess what the topic is??  Go ahead... guess!  NO!  Not lipsticks!  Now why would you ever think that Darling?  Ha!  Okay, yes, you're half right!  SEX!  I mean, not sex, MILFs and romance... ummm... Valentine's Day!  You know me my Dear, never one to shy away from telling you like it is and I think crotchless undies are in order!  Did I just say that out loud?  Why yes, yes I did!  So head on over and let me know you stopped by... maybe you have some other ideas to add to my list? 
 Valentine Tips for Keeping it Spicie 

Happy Valentine's Day my Dear Darling Friend!  xoxo
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