Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cups Up! to Meeee!

To the FABulous person behind Caffe... Lift your cup, and be thankful that on your birthday you have many Darling Friends in BloggyLand.  It's time for a new shade of lipstick...  xoxo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caffe and the Rock Star... An Interview

Hello my Darling Friend... Sooo glad that you’re here!  I’ve got a musical blend to fill your cup with and I think you’re gonna enjoy it...
I’ve got a special guest here today and it’s a good thing too because once this Darling singer goes on tour, I’m not gonna be able to pin him down for an interview!  Besides which, he’ll have his hands full trying to fend off all the women chasing after him and his smooth, sexy voice... he's single you know...  
Please raise your cup high in the air and welcome my Dear Friend, Jhonny K to Caffeinated OC Mommy!!!  clap clap clap whistle clap clap  
Hello Darling!  Simply delighted that you’re here.  You just released your album Break Free the other day, and now I can't get that song, Back Up out of my pretty little head... how very exciting and what’s next for Jhonny K?
Well thank you so much for letting me come here Caffe! I love what you do! What is next for me? Well, I am right in the middle of creating a coaching program for independent artists to be successful and make a living without a record label. That and I am also in the middle of writing and recording my second album called "Awaken" which will come out later this year.... maybe I will dedicate a song to the Milfness herself...
Oooh, my, my, my... I do believe you’re flirting with me my Dear!  *Insert blushing cheeks here*  Aheemm...  A coaching program and another album to come?  Where do you find the time?  I know I’m always looking for more time when I go shopping for lipsticks... speaking of lipsticks... tell me Jhonny K, tell me what my Darling readers really want to know... What is your favorite shade of lipstick on a hot, gorgeous MILF like myself woman that catches your eye?
My favorite shade of lipstick on a hot gorgeous MILF like you?  Well, if said MILF is single... it wouldn't matter cuz I would be taking it off soon anyways... but if I had to choose a color... it would depend on eye, hair, and skin color and tone. I love red, but I also love a subtle brown or something to accentuate the lips but not draw to much attention.. just the right amount... that answer your question my Dear?  
I think I need to touch up my lips, as it’s getting a bit warm in here... oh wait a second, I mean... powder my nose... sheesh, I can’t quite concentrate on this interview now as we’ve been heavily discussing lipsticks... pheeew! I’m out of breath... it’s more than a lipstick fiend like myself can take!  
It’s absolutely FABulous that you’re releasing your album for charity work... You keep doing great things Jhonny K...  You’re a true ROCK STAR... I gotta go now Darling... after that last answer, I’m hot and bothered and need to run to the nearest lipstick counter... Let yourself out RS Darling, don’t worry about me...
Caffe?  Yoo hoo... Caffe??  She’s gone?  Why didn’t anyone tell me not to talk about lipsticks with her?

I know you want to Darling... You can stalk Jhonny K HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cups Up! Quote of the Week...

"I do quite naughty things now. I do like to be a bit sexy." Kylie Minogue

You mean you're only being naughty now?  What took you so long Darling?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And the Winners Are...

Hello hello my FABulous Friend... I’m so happy that you’re here!  You told me to be here Caffe, I picked a number, do I win?  OH, YES... that’s right!  The lipstick giveaway!  Oooh how fun and let me tell ya the number I picked.... well, let me tell you the story of picking the number so you’ll know why I changed the rules, I mean... not changing the rules, but sort of...
My very first thought when picking a number was... drumroll please.... 69... but I knew there were gonna be a few of my naughty Darlings that would think that I would choose that particular number, hmmph, I wonder why?  HA! ... so I wrote down 68.  Then sure enough, two of my lovely darlings picked 69 and nobody picked 68, so my first thought and what I wrote down were different on purpose but as I thought about it, really, I asked you to read my mind and I thought 69... so 69 & 68 are both winning numbers to me!
So Congrats to those naughtys and I did say 3 lipsticks, so I’m giving away 4 instead because of the earlier rules I wrote and I’m fair like that, I’m a good cup!  lol  Here’s the list of the winners...
Georgie- 69
Above the winning number- Sharon- 97
Below the winning number- Anonymous- 64
Runner Up for below the winning number, because really Darling, how am I supposes to contact Anonymous?  Could be anyone...
So there you have it my Darling, lipsticks for the Naughtys... I’ll send out my favorite lipsticks (of the moment, because you know me Darling, I can never have enough...) by the end of the week, and you betcha, they’ll be unleaded and FABulous!
Thank you so much for celebrating my One Year with me Darling, I had so much fun, I think I want to do this again!  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Caffe!

I'm ONE Darling!  Yippee!  Join in the celebration and play 'Read My Mind' in the post below for your chance to win a free lipstick... compliments of Caffe!  And you KNOW it will be luxurious...  xoxo

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What?! Caffe Is Giving Away Lipsticks??

Welcome welcome my Dear Friend... I’m thrilled that you’re here!  Come make yourself comfy, let me fill your cup, I’ve got some exciting news to share...
Caffeinated OC Mommy will turn ONE on Tuesday!!  Yippee and my cup is up high!  I’m celebrating this little milestone with a fun little giveaway... LIPSTICKS!!  Of course Darling, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love the way a new shade of lipstick can make me feel my most MILFyest and I want to share that feeling with 3 of my Darling readers.
Ahhhhhhh... berry is one of my favs... sheer pink is always sexy... but if you want HOT, red is oh so naughty!  What?  OHhh... the giveaway... yes yes, you know me Darling, we are talking about lipsticks and I do get a little carried away...
I’m not making this your typical rafflecoppter entry thingy giveaway... besides, when am I ever typical?  I want to have some fun and I know that’s why you come to visit me, because... well... because I’m fun Darling!  So let’s play...  
How well do we connect my Dear?  Oooh, this could get interesting!  Read my mind and you win!  Now now you naughty MILF... I wasn’t thinking about that!  Maybe we are a little more connected than I had previously anticipated!
So this is the deal... I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 100.  Well actually, I already thought of a number and I wrote it down.  In the comment section below, tell me what number it is and I’ll send you a FABulous little luxury item that I can’t live without!  Easy peasy!
One guess per Darling and the contest is over April 17th at midnight Pacific Standard Time.  I will announce the FABulous winners the next day.
But Caffe, what if nobody guesses the correct number?  The winners will be determined by choosing the closest number below and above my number and since I said 3 Darlings,  I’ll just have Littlest choose a random comment and that’s 3... Now, if someone picks the correct number, then I will give the other 2 Darlings closest above and below a lipstick as well.  Did that make sense?  Good!
So here we go... what number am I thinking?  Okay, write it below... Good Luck Darling!   

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lipstick Addiction? Me???

Hello and Welcome my Darling Friend... I’m absolutely delighted that you’ve stopped by for a visit!  Come make yourself comfy, I’ve got a fresh pot of, ‘Social Media Addiction’ to fill your cup...
Hello, my name is Caffe and I’m an addict.  Uh huh, you heard me my Dear, I am... AH  DIC  TED!  No Darling, Ted is not a dick, that’s not what I meant and you know it... hmmph... just because I post about big decks and sexy MILFs doesn’t mean you can come visit me with your mind in the gutter!  On second thought, it is kind of naughty! 
You know I’m a fiend for shimmery lip colors, I can’t concentrate on my shopping list if I’m anywhere near the lipstick aisle... mauves, pinks, reds... Aaaack!  Hang on a second... is having an urge to buy a dozen new lipsticks every time I pass the lipstick aisle considered an addiction?  Well, maybe a little as this was not the addiction I was meaning to chat about...
Now that I took you over the river and through the woods, the addiction I’m talking about is... shhhh... I don’t want to say it too loud as I don’t want to wake the beast... SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  Oh yeah Caffe, now you’ve done it.
It all started with a little blog, then on to some social blogging sites.  Facebook and Twitter are a favorite to many, so I must see what the fuss is about... then the connections I’ve made along the way start inviting moi to their hangouts, and Darling, there are zillions!  Oooh, Pinterest?  What the heck is TriberrKlout is a what?  And now you want me to be a part of Empire Avenue?
Every site is something shiny and new... hey, no wonder I like it so much, it’s like when I buy a new lipstick!  With each new social tool that attracts my attention, an impulse to learn how they all work has stolen my complete attention ... oh why oh why couldn’t I be happy with just lipsticks?!  
So now you know my Dear Friend... I have more than one addiction, I mean, well, all the lipsticks I buy is considered one... right?  HEY, maybe I should explain how all this social stuff works... oooh, good idea!  Would you be interested in knowing about some of these sites I’m talking about?  Let me know in the comment section and I can write a post and maybe, sort of, explain just for you my Dear, what the heck it all means. 
Well Darling, I’m off to Empire Avenue fix dinner... we’ll chat again when I can get my mind focussed on one thing and one thing only... lipstick Facebook a post that talks about... well, meeee!  Huh?  We’ve been talking about me?  OH, well... then I did what I was supposed to...  Until next time my Lovely Friend... Ta Ta!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Changes for Caffeinated OC Mommy?

Hello Darling... I'm delighted that you're here.  

April 17th is drawing near and thoughts about why I started Caffeinated OC Mommy almost one year ago has been at the forefront of my mind.  Yes, I know my Dear Friend... this is definitely a different side of Caffe that's filling your cup right now, but I'm feeling a bit... how shall I say, sheer?  You know I'm always about wild berry lipstick... the bolder the better... but a translucent berry is just as pretty.

I've been thinking about a reveal post, well, not really a reveal, more of a real post.  So I chatted with the Hubby about posting my real picture and giving you a bit more of who this character, Caffeinated OC Mommy, really is.  You know what he told me?  

                                                   "Don't do it!"

He said that my readers liked reading about this confident, glamourous, imaginary MILF that they can identify with anyway they want to.  That the vision for Caffe is as different for each individual reader as my collection of lovely lipsticks.

What do YOU think?  I would love to hear some feedback on this as becoming a 1 year old blog has made me feel that it's time for a change... 

Until next time my FABulous Friend... Ta Ta!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cups Up! Quote of the Week...

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."  Bo Derek

Shopping?  Did some one say, "Shopping?"

Monday, April 2, 2012

What Do You Wanna Know Darling? An Interview...

Well Hello my Dear Friend... I’m so delighted that you’ve stopped by for a visit!  I’ve got a fresh brew ready to fill your cup...
I got a tweet the other day from my Darling Friend Gina who is the funny lady behind, Full Of It.  She said she had something for me and I immediately began thinking about what color my new shade of lipstick that my Dear Gina got for me.  To my surprise, it was one of those tag interviews that I usually avoid like the plague... BUT, I said I would do it and now I’m mulling over my computer wondering why I said yes if I can get away without doing it at all.
Now, now, now Caffe... that’s not how a lady behaves!  Who said anything about being a lady??  I’m a MILF!  Alright, alright... I’ll answer the questions.  Huh?  Oh yeah, there’s rules and other mumble jumble and I’m supposed to tag other bloggers and blah, blah, blah... sheesh, what got in my cup today?
Whatever you do, please Darling, please visit my Dear friend Gina and let her know I sent you.  Pretend like you read an interview about me and she’ll never know the difference!  What?  Pulling teeth?  Hmmmph...
Here is how it works:
1) Post the rules.
2) Tag up to eleven 5 bloggers by posting links to their blogs, and let them know.
3) Create eleven 7 (it's lucky!) questions for the people you’ve tagged.
4) Answer the questions your tagger posed for you.
5)Have fun!

As you can see from my edits above, I've changed the rules... just a little bit... so here are the 5 bloggers I would love to know more about... regardless if they play along, please stop by their blogs and let them know that Caffe sent ya!

The Girlfriend Mom 
So Easy Being Green  
Coffee & Cabernet  
Living Aloha  
Home is Where You Start From

1.  Do you post as often as you would like, and if not, why not?
No, I don't Darling... we all know the story when there are kids around and the interruption rate in my household is every 30 seconds... so I can't always post when I want to... then there's looking for unleaded lipstick...

2.  What is your favorite go-to blog and why?
I have several, actually, I have way more than that my Dear.  I've met so many FABulous Mommys in the BlogSphere that have become my Darling Friends. I don't dare write just one  favorite, as each blog is as unique as the FABulous writer behind it.

3.  If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would you go? 
Home... I want to go back to my little grass shack...

4.  What gave you the impetus to start blogging?
Well Darling, I'm actually not new to blogging.  {{GASP!}}  You see my Dear, I'm actually pretty good at more than just lipsticks... and the mystery continues...

5.  Pinterest - yes or no?
Maybe?  I mean, I'm a yes until Pinterest came out with their new TOS... 

6.   What is your favorite holiday and why?
Any holiday is my favorite holiday if I get to buy a new lipstick to celebrate with!

7.   I'm in the midst of buying and selling a home and am obsessed with de-cluttering.  What's your latest obsession?
Do I really have to answer that?  lol

8.  What do you fear the most?
I'm fearless Darling...

9.  I'm stuck on dinner ideas.  What's your easiest meal that you make for your family that they devour almost every time?
One child with braces (eating has become hard), and the other decided on becoming a vegetarian (really?), the Hubby is allergic to cheese... HELP!!

 10.  Twilight?  I can't get in to that phenomenon.  What latest fad are you avoiding?
Bushy 80's eyebrows... I don't think so!

11.  Any big plans for the upcoming year that you care to share?
Okay, I'll fess up, but keep it on the DL okay Darling?  I'm thinking about a big reveal post... oooh, a big reveal?  I wonder what it could be!  lol
 So there you have it... a 2 minute interview starring the FABulous me... Cups Up!  Until next time my Dear FABulous Friend... Ta Ta! 
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